Monday, August 06, 2007


First off I'm taking a moment to welcome a fantastic month...August. I love summer and August in Massachusetts is about as close to April in Florida as it gets. Hot and humid most days, but every once in a while there's a moderate day of low 80's with RH around 40%, just to give you a break.

Secondly, I've been "reading around" some other blogs and have realized that my blog has been suffering from lack of hmmmm, umph. Not that I have frequent spectacular events in my life that I feel compelled to relate, but in retrospect, I used to write more about nifty stuff around town, quirky things, and stuff that I was doing other than work, work, work.

Mary, I still haven't finished with a couple tales from Lanesville and I plan on writing them soon. I've got a real life, first time ghostly experience that I'll tell as well.

My next entry will probably cover some of the stuff I've been doing the last week or so. Most of it has been phone calls and paperwork to get my Mom's affairs, such as pension benefits, insurance, health coverage, all set for her. I have taken off a few days from work to take the gang out on minor adventures. You'll be hearing about those.

I've added a new link to the sidebar for C. B. Fisk Organs. It was in the GDT that they had premiered a website. I took a look at it and thought it was super. Have a peek. Tell them I sent you!

Tonight I'm going to try to finish reading Joplin's Ghost. At this point I can say that I am glad I only spent $5 on it and not the original price of $25. It started a bit slow in the first couple of chapters. The historic fictionalization of Joplin's life is quite good, written with enough research to make you almost believe that it could be non-fiction. The haunting of the main character, Phoenix, gets more and more absurd the more I read. I hope it has a surprise ending. An easy read, entertaining...that's it. Once finished I shall be on to reading Slipknot, the first fiction written by Linda Greenlaw. Linda has written several non-fiction books that have been superb. As written on the book jacket..."Before becoming a writer, she was the captain of a swordboat, a career that earned her a prominent role in Sebastian Junger's runaway bestseller The Perfect Storm and a portrayal in the subsequent film. Greenlaw now lives on Isle au Haut, Maine, where she captains a lobster boat."

Off to storyland...


dickiebo said...

Don't make us wait too long for the real-life ghost story, Deb. As for your blogs - they seem just dandy to me. (Do you like that Americanism? Dandy!)
Your fans await your next blog, just like the Henry Potter - or whoever he is - fans awaited his last book.

deb said...

Diddley, doodley, dandy! Thanks from a Yank.

Oh you just had to mention that Potter guy. Amanda is taking me to see the newest Potter movie today, I think. I'm not a big fan. Not a fan at all, actually. She needs the transportation to the theatre, so she's paying my way and for the gas.

dickiebo said...

God! Can she teach Nick her good habits?

deb said...

Despite all her faults (and there are many), I have trained her well on financial responsibility. She lives at home and although she doesn't pay rent, per se, she pays towards gas in the truck, half the electric, half the heating oil, half the water bill, half the cell phone bill, half the cable tv bill, and buys her own groceries, meals out, clothing, entertainment, etc. And genreally with no complaints!