Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dead Center of Town

This afternoon, after taking Amanda to work, I decided to put some time and effort in to finding that photo that dickiebo has assigned. I went cop hunting. Not just any cop. This one had to be "sans cruiser". A difficult task. Just think about how often the opportunity would present itself to you. Next time that you are out and about try to spot a cop on foot. Then imagine trying to get a photograph of him/her.

Anyway, I was needing a long walk.

I thought that perhaps there would be one of Rockport's officers at the annual acoustic music festival. Nope, not a one. At least not while I was there. I talked with Linda for a while. She volunteers with the Chamber of Commerce. I've never been fond of this festival. Not really my type of music and just doesn't seem to have much umph. Oh well, moving onward.

I walked up Mill Lane and stopped to admire the view to the east over an old cemetery. The dead center of town. It was a beautiful day to be out walking. I decided to head down Main Street and continued to fight the crowds of tourists out on to Bearskin Neck. I stopped to "play tourist" and take a picture from Bearskin Neck looking over towards T-Wharf, and the Sandy Bay Yacht Club. If you look past the yacht club you can see a large, dark brown house on the shoreline. It has a bright blue canvas on the second story deck. You'll have to enlarge the photo to see this. This is where the second webcam is located. The one that is aimed back towards the club.

So then I headed over to T-Wharf and stopped at Ellen's for an iced tea before walking up Broadway and on to Upper Main Street. That's when I saw it. Flashing blue photo op! Yay! I didn't get very close before I realized that the cop was heading back to get in the cruiser. I quickly got my camera ready, zoomed the lens as close as it would go, and took a quick shot, hoping the passing cars would not interfere. It's a lousy photograph, but it's a cop out of cruiser. Maybe I'll get a better shot sometime in the future.

PS....He waved as he drove by. (grin)


mary said...

Yup, thanks to me! I called 911 for you.

Seriously, an older woman drove over the tall metal pole holding the speed limit sign at the end of our driveway and proceeded to plow through some granite rocks into our neighbors driveway.

I called 911 and they had not heard from anyone yet so I am glad I didn;t assume someone else had done it. Lots of cars stopped to see if she was okay and people got out to help and be supportive. They sent two cruisers so there were TWO cops not in ther car. I should have snapped a photo for you but I was too busy.

No one was hurt but the sound of the crash was ear piercing. I brought a chair out for the shaken woman to sit on but it was the fold up canvas kind and she said she couldn;t get out of them if she sat in it.

The most amazing thing is that after all the paperwork and a few false starts and guidance from the cop, she drove the car home!

So, you're welcome!

dickiebo said...

'Course he grinned. Thought that you fancied him!
Nice photos, Deb. Now tell the truth; don't you feel better for that (enforced) walk? Thank-you Dickiebo!
PS. Got the webcam position.

deb said...

Well, gee. What can I say. Yes, thanks. To you both, I guess. Hmmm, I now feel rather insignificant in this whole project.

Mary, I did see the sign post bent over and thought something like that must have happened.

Similar was in the GDT a while back. Police received report of erratic driver. Police witness car swerving all over road. Police stop driver. Decide he is ok, not drunk, just a poor driver and let him continue on.

Dickiebo, *I* grinned having trained them so well in waving! Cop was the one who handled my harassment case. Guess I shouldn't have had that iced tea at Ellen's. Made me late for the photo shoot.