Friday, August 24, 2007

This and That and More

Here's a wonderful picture from the top of Mount Washington. This kitty's name is Inga. I bought this postcard over 15 years ago so quite possibly Inga is no longer around. And just to round out the images from Mount Washington, I just had to post this gorgeous photo that is on one of the websites.
All the hunting around the websites got me to think of recommending a book. The title is, Ten Years on the Rock Pile by Lee Vincent. The cover description reads as follows: A collection of stories, some hilarious some tragic, about life at the summit of Mount Washington. And then Mary's comment about the "Old Man of the Mountain" got me to pull out an old book that I bought a few years ago at a church fair. It's called The Great Stone Face and Other Tales of the White Mountains, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I've decided to read it.

Once I'm through with the "Lanesville" stories, I may have to write some adventures in the north stories.

It has taken a few days to recover from time off! I've been battling an on and off sinus headache for several days. Or maybe it has been a summer cold that I'm refusing to admit to! Anyway, I've been working throughout and have gotten a lot accomplished on the player piano that I'm working on for the folks in Marblehead, and I've started rebuilding the pump portion of the Smith American reed organ for Dr. W. Both are due to be completed sometime in October.

After a hard day of working, Mom and I decided to head to Ellen's Harborside for dinner. Being a Friday night and the last weekend before school starting for AY07-08, I wasn't hopeful of finding a decent parking space. Wow, was I surprised when the first spot on the resident side of T-Wharf, directly across from Ellen's, was available. I waited, with my directional clicking away, as some tourists walked across the street (wharf) in front of me. As soon as they were out of the way, I tried to pull in to the parking space. I could only get halfway in. Some rather dull-minded lady was standing in the middle of the space eating her ice cream and gazing out over the inner harbor. Surely she would hear a truck pulling in behind her. Nope. The windows were down on my truck so I politely yelled out to her.

"Excuse me!"


Mom tried.



I gave up and tooted the horn. The dull-minded lady turned casually and stared blankly at us. Then she ever-so-slowly sauntered to the edge of the parking space.

I wonder if I should have just pushed her in. She probably wouldn't have noticed.

I think today was the start of the end of summer as I like it. Humidity was up just a bit and temps were in the low 80's. Tomorrow is due to be low 90's and very humid. Maybe a shower on Sunday but still warm. Next week temps are supposed to be lower. They call lower temps comfortable. I call it autumn coming too quickly.


mary said...

Agghhhh - I'm melting - oops, I'm not in Kansas anymore and even though I am not green, I am becoming a puddle. I can hadrly wait for the cold, crisp days of autumn. :-) I'll lend you a sweater, Deb! One can always put on more clothes when it is cold but in this heat and humidity how much can one remove and the world is not ready for the shock!

Am thinking of the below, way below temps on MT Washington and hoping that helps. That kitten is adorable.

Am looking forward to your word pictures about NH and the Old Man etc. It is a hard choice between loving the White Mountains and the ocean, Since I can be claustraphobic, I'd choose here for living but oh the wonderful memories of trips to see the fall colors, riding the tram, walking the Flume, looking at the Basin and on and on.

We are so blessed to be so near both places!

deb said...

And just when I thought the weather was perfect!

I did buy a sweater yesterday, yuck.

Now if only Front Beach had palm trees and warm,turquoise water.

dickiebo said...

Palm trees and ...........
Yea. I'm with you there Deb. If you want someone to carry your bags ....