Monday, August 27, 2007

Missing Person

Blogging presents some interesting dilemmas. About a week ago a sort of nifty thing happened. I'll explain.

Last Fall, as I remember, I posted about the Weather Channel's show Storm Story being about the loss of the Gloucester pilot boat Can-Do during the Blizzard of '78. Then I wrote a post about how Capt. Quirk and the Can-Do had aided in towing our boat the Minoan off of Front Beach where it had washed ashore during a nor'easter. And that last we knew, the Minoan was being used as a live-aboard in Boston Harbor.

Well, just last week I received a comment on the Storm Stories post from David. Here is the text of that comment so you don't have to go back and find it.

I was the live aboard in boston harbor. I just finally sold the boat last year. I loved the minoan and have many pictures and stories to offer you. Thanks for sharing the great pics. She is a tough old boat- Dave

I replied that I would be interested in sharing some stories and to post his blog address (the link showed his profile as being private). He hasn't.

Therein is my dilemma. I have tried to be very cautious about limiting contact with me, by strangers, to the comment area of this blog. Some of you do know my business and/or personal email address(es), and it is possible with the info on my blog to do a bit of creative Googling and find my business address. That's ok by me. Fortunately, it would be a rather extensive, imaginative, and time consuming search, to INTENTIONALLY find my blog specifically, by searching for me. Yeah, I know that sounds confusing...just trust me. It's designed with the idea of keeping my former (yay for former) stalker away from here.

Well, my point is this. Some time in the next couple of days I'll be creating a new email address that's sole purpose will be for "public" display on this blog. Those of you who know my "real" address(es) PLEASE still use one of those. The new address will be for strangers and will be disposable as need may be. Just an experiment, I guess.

So David, if you're still reading, there will eventually be contact info.


dickiebo said...

Gosh Deb, you are sooo technical. Makes me really envious. You probably get it from your Mum. Well, she does eat at Ellen's. Don't she? Posh!

deb said...

huh? lol