Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Good, The Bad

Somehow I don't even know where to start with this. I'll leap in....

A miserable, damp, rainy, gray, cool day like today makes me feel sunshine deprived and unmotivated, yet there is work to be done and that's such a good thing.

First on my list of chores this morning was to pay whatever bills that I absolutely had to and maybe squeak in one or two more. I managed the three most critical and could have finished the rest, but well, there was no rush on those. I wrote up the list of what 'A' owes me towards bills and will collect off her tomorrow. Then, while I had calculator in hand, I decided to attack the business books. I thought I had 3 months to do. Found out there were four. Turns out that February was an outstanding month for work! Unfortunately not outstanding enough to make up for a dismal January, March, April, and May.

Last Saturday was the first Firehouse Trust Fair and I didn't participate. I called to see what the table fee was this year. It is still $50! Sorry, this is far too high for the size, location, and poor advertising. I'm not in the mood to lose money. The three of us went down to see how it was doing. It was around 2 p.m. and town was fairly busy. The craft fair wasn't. It even looked pathetic. Two with beaded jewelry, one with some nifty melted glass jewelry. One with knit baby clothes, one with individual watercolor notecards (maybe a couple dozen to pick from displayed flat on the table), and a table full of categorized old postcards. Not one table had any oomph. Blahhhhhh. The knit baby clothes lady had been at some of the other fairs last year. We asked how it was going and she said real slow. Glad I wasn't there. I think I'll be doing the Methodist Church Fair in July and the High School Holiday Fair in November. I'll probably throw in a couple others along the way. I'm considering Internet sales.

What upsets me the most is that there is absolutely nothing I can do about getting more money coming in. There isn't even a bailout line for me. I have considered presenting myself at the Department of Transitional Assistance and simply asking, "Do you have any ideas?" "What can I do?" "I'm self-employed and business is overly slow due to the global economic status. I have a two day a week job to try to make ends meet and they won't give me any more time due to their economic hardship of state mandated employer contributions to the state healthcare system. I need a very flexible schedule (minimal days with definitive hours, preferably no nights) because I provide transportation for my daughter to her job AND for my mother to doctor's visits." "I've tried selling at some craft's shows, but darn, folks don't have money to spend due to that ever present economic strife."

"I'm open to suggestions."

I think I'll get a blank stare.

Anyway, on the good side...I called the financial person at the school system and quite pleasantly inquired about the 3 tunings worth of payments that are overdue to me, even by their payment scheduling. Thankfully, I have been assured that the check is in the mail. It may take the long way around the earth to get here, but it's on it's way! This is super good as nearly the total amount will be going to paying my quarterly taxes. Can't have the Feds on my back.

Well, I feel a bit more organized if not happier. I guess there is something to be said for that!
And here's a colorful picture of Mom's azalea...when it was sunny last week!


Kippers Dickie said...

Hi Deb,
You're not alone, things are pretty grim here. A lot of events charge high prices for a pitch. I don't know why they do it? Markets are getting smaller as those with a low turnover are giving up. Those poor traders you mention couldn't have taken $50 that day....could they?
Perhaps we need something like
e-bay, but for people selling craft items.
I suppose bad times can't last for ever.....lights..tunnels...clouds.
...silver lining...and all that?

deb said...

I can't imagine that anyone there made a profit. Even with a slight profit there is the time involved. Earning $10 - $20 for a days work is pathetic.

Yeah, silver linings...but my foul weather gear is old and leaky!