Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tired of A Lot

It's been a long few days. Today was only marginally better in that the weather was nice and I got to do some work outside.I stained the back of our house. At least all that I could reach with a 12 foot step ladder and a 16 foot roller extension rod. How on earth am I going to finish the top part? I may have to put the ladder out in the PRIVATE Way and climb it with the 16 foot roller extension. I reached the areas next to the window by using just the ladder. Hmmm. That'll just leave the front to do which will be a bit more complicated around more windows and shutters, too.

One phone call for work. A tech will be sending a set of keys on June 1st. This little work is not a good thing and there's nothing I can do about it. From 4 - 6 sets a week to 1 - 2 sets per month.

I really and seriously don't know what to do. I've never been so work starved before.

The down side of working outside today is that the pollen count is HIGH. Way up there. So not only do I ache from arthritis, from carting a big ladder and painting for a few hours, from staring up while pushing a roller around way over my head, I am suffering from the excess pollen.

A Benadryl and I'll sleep well tonight. (Sneeze)


dickiebo said...

This chap was painting our neighbour's house yesterday, so 'B' asked him how much he would charge to paint 'the top half' of our house - as she reckons she could do the remainder!!!!
He quoted £550 labour and £100 for paint for the house, but declined to do just the 'top half'!
Dunno how she's gonna get up there but I'm gonna keep outa the way as I don't like looking up!!!!!!!

deb said...

Well, all I can say is...yep.