Thursday, May 28, 2009


Do-It-Yourself(ers). A sign of a good do-it-yourself-er is knowing when something should be done by a professional.

As the player piano owner didn't realize when he dove in to rebuilding a 1910, 65/88 note Ellington upright player piano. The piano represents the crossover from 65 note piano rolls to the new standard of 88 note rolls. It plays both. Or best stated played both. It will again when I'm finished.

And two lessons. Although Elmer's Glue-All may indeed glue all. There are things that it definitely should not. And...more is not always better.


Kippers Dickie said...

What bit is it exactly??
Perhaps he was trying to cure a leak as well.
When you mentioned 'Elmer', it always reminds me of "Elmer's Tune"
In this case it's more like
"Elmer's Tube" !!

deb said...

Ah, it's one of 88 pneumatics for playing the notes. Every one of them looked like this! There was so much glue that they would not function. They could not collapse to play the note as the hinge end had gobs of hardened glue stopping any motion!

I've gotten them all stripped of cloth and all the glue cleaned off. A nightmare of scraping, mini planing, and sanding. (The pneumatics are 1" X 4")