Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another Pretty Picture...

for a foggy, dreary day.And a few updates. Our lovely robin's nest was attacked by bluejays. Two eggs stolen one day and then two pecked and eaten the next. No cute robin babies to watch this year. Late this morning, after shipping out some keys, I decided to try to make better my situation. I went to the candy factory where I work retail two days a week. I can't manage more than the two days on my feet, but I could certainly work in the factory part up to 4 days a week. It's somewhat self paced (I work efficiently) and not always standing. They need help this year as several are not able to return from last year. I offered to make the switch. I was politely told that it most likely wouldn't work. They need guys to do the big vat cooking. Yeah, I understand.

I guess.

One good thing happened today. Squirt is back! Most of the squirrels that have been around this spring have been ignoring us. Today, my mom saw one on the porch railing. She opened the door a crack and called, "Come on Squirt, I've got a peanut for you". And he came within a few feet of the door, waited patiently for her to toss the peanut to him, and ate it. He 'asked' for a second and got it. For more about our squirrels you can search this blog using their names. Squirt, Scooter, and Squeaky. Should get you some pictures, although I haven't tried it yet.


Annette said...

I'm sorry about the robins eggs, I was looking forward to seeing little ones.
We have a grey squirrel that shows itself sometimes.
I've even seen a red squirrel.
They are very rare.

dickiebo said...

What did they taste like, Deb?

deb said...