Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Again? Already?

It's getting really bad when so many different things are going on that I can't remember what they all are or were. That's how I feel this week. I did get a lot accomplished, but looking back I mostly see the things that I didn't get done. That bothers me.

I owe quite a few people emails. I WANT to stay in touch, I look forward to hearing from them, I really DO want to write some emails. It's just that by the time this time of day (night) works it's way around, I'm tired. I'm tired now and I debated whether to blog tonight. I knew that if I didn't, tomorrow I would wish I had. Just like those emails. I probably should be writing them instead of this. Oh well.

I had a successful morning at the historical society on Monday. I started through picture files and found these two with Manning's store.The larger photo is how his shop was when he occupied the right half of the Manning Block (the building to the right of the hanging sign) and McLane's Shoes was in the left side. The small insert was later, post Manning, with Oker Tailors on the left and A&P Grocery on the right. This Monday I plan to photocopy the large photo, sans insert.Here's the view today (literally!). The Manning Block is the beige building with white trim on the left side of the street. I also discovered, quite by accident, that the historical society has in it's collection, the clock made by Manning and shown in the newspaper photo of him that I posted in a previous entry. AND, here's a pretty cool, old photo of the Manning Organ Company building in Millbrook Meadow. I guess I should mention that when I am finished with the actual research for the Manning article, I will begin as a trainee, in research, Monday mornings, at the SBHS. Just thought I needed something else to do! Volunteer.

Other things...the lawn got mowed for the second time this season. Not a favorite job, made even nastier by all the pollen which, of course, bothers me terribly. I grabbed and swallowed one of 'A's Actifeds before I started. I guess it helped a little.

Keys arrived on Tuesday. And on Wednesday. Thursday, too. And today! I got a call this afternoon from a tech in Florida. He's shipping a rush job. Within a bit over a week's span there will have been keys from CA, MS, NJ, FL, and MA! This is great news for my pocketbook. On Wednesday, I took my truck in to my mechanic because the brakes were starting to sound a tad scratchy. The short of it - oil, filter, new front brakes, and two new front tires totaling just over $550. Ouch.

Yesterday was a girl's day off. The three of us headed to Exeter, NH. A friend of my mom's just moved there and wanted my mom to come see their new place. I thought it best that I drive my mom for the first trip up there so that she could familiarize herself with the route before driving it on her own. It was a nice, sunny day and a pleasant drive. We spent about 2 hours visiting and then the three of us (A, mom, and I) went to Skip's for dinner before heading home. Total time - 7 hours. On the way home we spotted Manning Street, in Ipswich, a town where many of the Mannings had lived. I'll check it out in a couple weeks when I head that way on a tuning job. Most of the old houses in Ipswich have original owner/date plaques on them so maybe I'll find a Manning home.

Today, I forced myself to make two different contact 'calls'. The first was a drop-by the art association to inquire about their timetable for sending out payment checks on sold work. Ummm, the treasurer said she put them out to be mailed on Monday. Today is Friday, I live in the same town, something doesn't add up. I told her I'd give it a few more days, then if I haven't received it, I'd be back. Then I FINALLY made a decision on an upcoming craft fair. There are two coming up, in town, on the same day. One, at the Old Firehouse and not my favorite venue at all. The second, at Spiran Hall somewhat off the beaten tourist path and less obvious. I chose to try the Old Firehouse again solely due to better sale hours. So on May 29th, 10 a.m - 4 p.m. that's where I'll be. Selling miniatures and key ivory jewelry - hopefully!

Today was a good day. May good stuff continue to happen for all of us!


Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

So glad to hear of you having a 'good day' (apart from the truck bill).
You had a few 'downers' this winter if I remember, so things always look different in the Spring. Or is it Summer now?
Looking at your pictures, Deb, I notice that few houses seem to be built of brick. All that lovely painted white boards. Question: Are they painted boards? And how many times a year do they need painting to keep them looking soooooo white?
I know how you feel about the pollen. Our air here is full of the stuff......and so is my 'dnose'!

deb said...

Still Spring although April felt quite a bit like summer. After 18 years in Florida, summer doesn't really feel like summer here.

Very few houses are of brick in Rockport (or much of New England). Here in town I can only think of two brick buildings...a house at the end of my street and the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Memorial Hall (now the Christian Science Church.

On the other hand, most old factory buildings such as the cotton mills and the shoe factories were of brick. The city of Newburyport has all it's downtown retail built of brick, and most of the firehouses in New Bedford are brick.

We have granite! (and wood)

Wooden buildings dominate Rockport. Hmmm, repainting every 10 years, or so.