Saturday, May 01, 2010

And Another One

Well, busy, busy, busy.

A new book has been added to the sidebar. "Overboard" by Michael Tougias. Same author that wrote, among others, "Ten Hours Until Dawn". This new (out in March) book is a riveting story of survival. I found the characters to not be as well developed as in previous books by Tougias and that, for me, took away a bit from the story. All in all, though, well worth the purchase and the reading. Would make me think twice about an overnighter at sea!

Also, here's a new painting."Seaside Farm", 16 X 20 in oils. Still not dry!
No check yet from the RAA on the two sold pieces. One more week and I'll be giving them a call.


mary said...

Just beautiful. Could easily get lost in this scene as the road calls out for the viewer to follow it down to the ocean. Can almost smell the sea air.

The people who live on that farm are so lucky!

Love the painting - you are so gifted. Thank you for sharing the results with us.

deb said...

Thanks, Mary.

As I added it to the Cellar Studio group, I noticed that some of the paintings are no longer displayed in the sidebar slide show. I'm thinking that there is a numerical limit and I have exceeded it so now some of the earlier uploads aren't shown.

Drat, I may have to try to do something about it.