Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So, I'm Weird. What's Your Excuse?

This morning's adventure to the town hall was to search cemetery records. I have to express my disappointment. Maybe it's just me, I know I'm a little different, but to me, we seem to have a very dull, somewhat off-putting, poorly trained in public relations crew down there at the town offices. All I wanted to do was look up a half dozen names in the cemetery records. Was I able to do this? No. I had to leave them a list. And please write my name and phone number on that list. They (the DPW office) will call if they find anything in the records. I have the distinct impression that the list was filed in the shredder the moment the door shut behind me upon leaving. I hope I'm mistaken. Even if I am mistaken, their search will be somewhat useless as many of the names are duplicates but of different generations of the same family. I did note death dates, but I'm doubtful if they will take the time to notice.

On the other hand, Bob sent me a link to a grave locator website and I've had a blast exploring it. I'm going to start photographing all the Manning gravestones.


I hauled myself to the art association, yesterday, to inquire about the whereabouts of my check that was supposedly put in the mail, to me, a week ago this past Monday. Oh dear, they were apologetic, my check had not been mailed after all! They wait 30 days from the sale of the artwork before paying up. Huh. Well, when did the pieces actually sell? She looked up the info on her computer to find that they had sold on April 18th. Both of them. Yeah, I find that very unsettling. Two totally unrelated mediums and two totally unrelated subject matters sell on the same day. Anyway, it was exactly one month to the day as I stood there and heard her say she'd be getting the check out in a few days. I wait. Maybe by the end of this week?


Big night out tonight! I went to the library to hear/see a presentation by Paul St. Germain on his book about Thacher Island. It was a packed room for a well commentated PowerPoint presentation. I got my book signed. Paul will be giving the same presentation next month for the historical society. I'm going to that one, too. Same song, same's Rockport... not a lot of options for a night out!

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