Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unrelated Thoughts and Deeds

Before I forget to say this, here it is. My PC is going to be having it's yearly service mid-week. I still hope to be around, checking up on all of you using my outdated and unreliable laptop. All being operable!

This has been small miracles week and it's a good thing considering some other stuff, but more on that later. First of all, I got a call from the DPW. They HAD found some of the graves that I was looking for. All I needed to do was go down and pick up the paperwork, which I promptly did. My apologies to the DPW office for doubting their capabilities (at least on this one). With the papers that gave the gravesite addresses in hand, 'A' and I set out for Beech Grove Cemetery. Well, we may have been given the addresses, but the cemetery had no street markers. So, although we knew that the Manning relatives were buried in lot 45 of East Elm, we had no idea which street was which. Needing a good walk, we roamed and read markers.There it was! Hard to miss! I took some photos (obviously) and we decided to wander another cemetery on the other side of town, Locust Grove. Locust Grove is owned by Rockport but is located in Gloucester. Welcome to my odd little town.

'A' and I took Saturday off and headed north to Skip's for lunch. It was busier there than usual. 4 o'clock was the scheduled start of their first classic car show of 2010. Even though we were there at noon, people were starting to arrive. 350 cars expected for the first show. We finished lunch and as we headed for the local shopping area to visit a 'Building 19 1/6', I called home to check on the mail. I just had a feeling...and it came true. My check had arrived from the art association! Anyway, 'Building 19 1/6' is a discount, overstock sale store that has everything you never need unless you don't buy it. 'A' bought four DVDs at only $3.99 each. I resisted the temptations of the office supply section and spent nothing. When we got back home I checked out my check, they had also enclosed copies of the sales receipts. The photo was sold to a Rockport resident - South End, the painting sold to a guy from Stoughton, which is a good distance from here. Both did sell on the same day, actually consecutive receipts!

This Saturday is the craft fair. The corrected hours are from 11 until 4. Each time I've participated in this particular fair, I have complained about poor advertising. I decided to take matters into my own hands.I have posted announcements on some local bulletin boards and have a similar sign (with the town added to the info) in the rear window of my truck.

Last night, as I checked my email, I was in for a surprise. Not a pleasant one, although nowadays, after 8 years of a variety of similar emails, they have become pathetically amusing. For the first four and a half years after my divorce, my ex found it entertaining to send threatening emails to me. He also posed as me online on several rather questionable adult web sites giving my contact information. He began a smear campaign against me with business associates and through several online sites. His threatening mode continued, in earnest, until my local police filed criminal harassment charges against him and had him served (overseas) with a restraining order. Since that time, he has calmed down, sending only about one email per year. Last night was the first in about 15 months. We chuckled when reading his absurd claims and threats. Copies have been printed and filed. Poor soul is obviously miserable to need to keep doing this. What satisfaction could he receive? For the record, I have never once responded.

I was reading an online friend's blog the other day and the subject matter got me thinking about a song on the CD "Bridge to Havana". So, Uncle B., the song is titled "Unlonely" and it is performed by Montel Jordan and Carlos Alfonso. And spell check does say unlonely is not a word.

So what else have I been doing? I've booked myself on the Thacher Island boat for a mid-June island trip. I'll check out the condition of the reed organ. Hopefully, all will be well with it after it's second winter alone. I'll probably use any spare time out there to do some sketching. I've just finished another painting. No title yet, not even dry yet. You get to see it first here.


Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

Did a google search for that song Deb. I found a sample of the track, and he did sing 'unlonely'.
They make up all sorts of new words these days.
Around here they use words like
'rite' and 'nite'. :(
Not too keen on it myself - but then I guess I'm just not 'with it' any more. :)

Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

What I meant was :- I'm not to too keen on the 'lazy' spellings! :(

I quite enjoyed the song. :)

Just thought I'd better clarify things a bit.

deb said...

Bernard, I understood. But also, the song is not exactly within my usual genre. Every once in a while I just need a change. The entire CD is not my thing but I do enjoy it occasionally.