Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Today's Explorations

Early this morning I headed out to take photos of Manning's stores. Morning light was best for the photographs and for finding his Main Street store unobstructed by parked cars. His second store on Railroad Avenue required some good timing to get the shot in between commuters. For Rockport, Five Corners is a busy intersection.

Pictured here is Manning's 38 Main Street store (currently number 75). Manning occupied the right half of the establishment and McLane's Shoe Store the left half. The Manning family owned the building referred to as "The Manning Block". At a later date, the left portion of the building was A. F. Oker's tailor shop, where in 1932, Mr. Oker was murdered.
This rather drab, red building was Manning's second store and he lived in a small apartment on the second floor. The current address is 1B Railroad Avenue. When Manning owned the building it was number 2 and subsequently number 1A (when a number 1 was built). Currently, number 2 is across the street. The original building has been modified over the years and the store front first floor lost in blandness. Manning worked 10 hour days at this location until his death in 1930 at age 96.

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