Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost Over

Today was my birthday and now, at 10 p.m. or so, it's nearly over. I have survived. Thank goodness that this year is a once in a lifetime year. A year when numbers do coincidental things. Let's see if I can do some creative algebra (I warn you it has been a very long time - for algebra).

1900 + a = the year I was born and,
a = my age today, and
1900 + 2a = 2010

How old am I?

We celebrated a day early because 'A' had Thursday off work.

For my birthday we went to Skip's for an early dinner. It was a dreary day, rainy, but not as dark as when I took this picture of the 63 year old sign at Skip's.On the way home from Skip's, I stopped to check out this gate at a cemetery in Ipswich.'A' and I decided we would have to go walking in there sometime. Then I stopped at a hobby shop that I thought might have the glue that I needed for a repair job. They didn't. When we got home the sun came out. My mom and 'A' arranged my presents below an extremely large helium balloon in the shape of a palm tree. (Thanks 'A'!). I unwrapped presents and then 'A' and I went for a walk along the beaches before cake-time.Cake was the lemon pound cake that I requested. There had been many protests about baking, and excuses like, "I don't have the recipe anymore." So I left a copy of a recipe that I found online in plain sight! It was (and still is) yummy! I've got it all to myself because my mom decided that she didn't like it and 'A' is working very hard on eating nutritiously.

Today, my actual birthday, was grim. My mom decided she just didn't feel well and acted appropriately to that. And oh, I'm sorry to be this way on your birthday, Happy Birthday. No more details written here. It was quite a letdown. I worked on keys, went to another hobby store for glue (which was an hour's driving nightmare), and worked some more. Mom perked up a little by evening, which was a relief. I never got around to preparing any dinner so it was a peanut butter sandwich for me! I didn't hear from my best friend whose birthday was just a few days ago. The first year I've been forgotten by her.

Done until next year when numbers aren't weird.


Annette said...

Happy Birthday!
But as for working that out........'fraid not.
My brain just doesn't go there...!!!!!!

Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

How could I not wish you "Many Happy Returns" of yesterday.
Sorry I'm late. :(

I'm saying nothing about a ladies age!
You are only as old as you feel.

And fancy buying yourself glue on your Birthday - you must be the only person ever to do that. :)

Scribbs the Aries Birthday Boy said...

I was never good at math, so will simply assume you're FAR younger than I am. Don't get cocky, though -- I could introduce you to rocks that are younger than I am! Dinosaurs, too....

In any case, as the survivor of birthdays bad and good, I wish you a belated mega-happy birthday! Add a year of enjoyment and fulfillment for good measure....

mary said...

You couldn't just be forty and you can't be 80 or 100! Math and I don;t mix well - I never got those math problems where a train is going x miles an hour and the smoke is headed northeast and so how much coal had to be put in the tender!

Happy belated birthday and I'm here to tell you that, even though the ol' body starts to creak and groan, growing old is not half bad. You can get away with a lot more! Enjoy this coming year and don't be afraid to put yourself first on your ever growing "to do" list.

The fire apparatus and EMTs were very busy at that infamous intersection near us - was it due to so many candles on the cake? Sorry - just had to rub it in. By the way, I LOVE lemon pound cake. Next year I'll help you eat it :-)

deb said...

Wow, I never realized that there were so many math deficient people!

Mary came close, I'm not forty (although, as I recall, it was a decent year!), nor am I eighty or one hundred. Good guessing, Mary.

Scribbs, as I said before, I'm not far behind you (unless there is something you haven't told me like you were held back in school for a dozen extra years - but somehow I doubt that).

Well, I won't tell you all yet. I will say that my age is two identical digits (like 22, but not those digits!). So now try to do the math.

Thank you all for making today a super day for me.

mary said...

Got it! I think . .

1900 plus 55 =1955

55 plus 55 = 110

110 plus 1900 = 2010

To double check: 2010 minus 1955 = 55

So the odd configuration is that you are the age of the year you were born minus 1900.

Hope I am correct as I am quite impressed with myself! If I am incorrect, break it to me gently

deb said...


You will be receiving a prize.

Will you be in attendance Sunday morning?

mary said...

Yes see you in the morning.

Scribbs, the Geezer said...

Awwwww, darn!

After that clue, I was gonna say 33. Or a well-preserved 44.

BTW -- I was put ahead one grade in primary school, so I'm younger than my school-mates. None of whom I've seen since then, anyway....

deb said...

Since living back here, I had the opportunity to go to one of the biggie high school reunions. Folks kept saying that I ought to go.

Why? I didn't hang out with many that were in my class when I was in school, haven't seen any of them since, and I really have no desire to see or hear them now.

Didn't go. Don't regret it.

mary said...

The prize was fantastic! Thank you!!

elizabeth down the street said...

Wow! I missed ALL of this until Sunday night! Happy birthday a little bit late! We're just helping you celebrate longer! And NOW I know what Mary had hidden in that aluminum foil! ;-)

deb said...

Elizabeth, the important question is.........Did she share?

mary said...

umm -- err --- no sharing of the prize occurred

Must have been the heat and humidity that caused me to keep the entire prize all to myself.

deb said...

Tsk, tsk.