Tuesday, June 01, 2010

They Don't Make Clothespins Like They Used To

and more.

But first the clothespins...

As part of a big key job, I have replaced all the bushings which are little pieces of (red) wool cloth that line the mortises where the keys pivot on a pin and also where they are guided by another pin, AND I am replacing the leather covering on the backchecks (at the back end of each key). The 2.5" long X 3/8" wide strips of leather need to be stretched taut over wood and felt. One end is glued and allowed to dry, then the other end is pulled tight and clamped. I use spring style clothespins as clamps. The older ones work really well. Just clip them on. However, they don't make them like they used to. The new clothespins have their spring located further towards the 'grip' end and therefore they won't open wide enough to clamp around the backchecks. Very annoying. With the new ones I have to use the opposite end of the clothespin, spreading it open to clamp evenly across the backcheck. It's an awkward way to use a clothespin. Hard to imagine that such a small design change in clothespins would create a problem.Unless they're being used unconventionally!

'A' and I decided to go for a walk the other evening. We decided to put in extra effort rather than distance. We walked up Summit Avenue. In the distance you can see Straitsmouth Island. Up and up and up.
All the way to the top where the old Haskins Hospital used to be.All that's left is a park and picnic area...and these.
Later, we went out on to the Headlands. Because of the 56+ fires burning in Quebec, we have been subject to poor air quality. Bad enough that it smelled like the island was burning and visibility was down to 3 miles. Worse on the other Cape (Cod). Anyway, because of all that, the weather guy predicted a breathtaking, red sunset. We headed to the Headlands for pictures.Not much red. Not even later. Pretty, though.


elizabeth down the street said...

Doesn't it look like someone buried an elephant at the top of the hill?

deb said...


I know that I've posted a picture of 'the mounds' before - they continue to fascinate me. Probably have a lot to do with either the influenza epidemic or the TB epidemic - before 1900.

Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

Well, I don't know!
We call those clothes pegs.....here in England. For pegging the washing to the line.
I live and learn every day. :)
Jan, from California, was going on about a fabulous purse she had found, (in Texas I think.) Then she showed a picture of a 'ladies handbag'.
I can see I shall get very confused when I win the lottery and visit the States. :)
Anyway Deb, I use pegs all the time in my workshop too. I didn't quite understand what you were saying until I enlarged the picture.
I have never seen them used the 'wrong' way round before.
How about offering up the jaw faces to a sander, and taking off 1/8" from each face. That would give you another 1/4".
Love your pictures - you are lucky to live in a nice place like that near the sea. :)