Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Walk in Town

Since the forecast had been for late afternoon and early evening rain, severe storms actually, I didn't expect that 'A' and I would be walking after she got out of work. In anticipation of the lack of evening walk, 'A' did an hour on her treadmill in the morning.

I spent most of the day working on keys. I shipped out one set, this morning, and I still have two sets in the shop. Around 5 or so, I started some dinner cooking for myself. Shortly after that the storm moved in. The wind blew, but not too badly. It poured...sporadically. There were a couple good flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. In a half hour it was done.

When I went to pick 'A' up from work the sun was shining once again. The air had changed, though, and there was a pleasant, cool breeze. I asked 'A' if she wanted to go for an evening walk and she left it up to me. If not, she'd hit the treadmill again. With such potential for a cool, comfortable walk in town I opted for it. We left the house at about 7:15 and we were gone for just over an hour.

The storm had moved offshore and the clouds were stunning. We could see lightning flashing out past the breakwater. But the really need to get out the old 35 mm rather than trying to do nice photos with a mediocre digital. I could preview with the digital and do final shots with film. A thought for the future. Anyway, our first stop was Front Beach (formerly known as Schoolhouse Beach).Imagine going to school and having this view! Then we headed down Main Street. Being a Thursday night meant music at The Loo. A special attendee tonight...Governor Deval Patrick. We passed him on our way down the hill. A quick nod and "hello," from me. He smiled, sort of, and said hello. He was late. They were holding off the start of the performance until he got there.

We got down to Dock Square and I took this picture looking out over the North Basin.We did the loop out T-Wharf and back and decided that it was actually feeling a bit cool outside! 'A' wanted to head back toward the beaches before quitting, I said I'd about had it for walking. Especially knowing the half mile back would be all uphill. We decided to head home. And we almost made it before one of those stunning clouds decided to let loose and we still had about 5 minutes remaining of normally fast-paced walking before arriving home. We ran the open, rainy spots and walked the dry, tree-covered ones and arrived home rather dripping.

It was a great evening! Just fun.


elizabeth down the street said...

One day at school pick-up, at the exact moment our younger son came out of school, a thunder clap went BANG!!! directly overhead. He did an about-turn back into the building and we've been dealing with the fall-out ever since -- big worries about thunderstorms. Even a sprinkle and we have to CLOSE ALL THE WINDOWS, ALERT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, ROUND UP THE FLASHLIGHTS and so forth. It does actually sometimes come in handy -- "we need to get out of the pool and get home before the thunderstorm arrives" -- and you never saw a kid stop doing something fun so fast!

Scribbs, sweltering in humid, 80+degree nights said...

Nice, nice photos!

Sounds like a great way to spend an evening.

deb said...

e.d.s., I never had too much fear of thunderstorms until we lived in FL. There were times that the lightning was so close that you saw the bolt and heard the crash and rumble all at the same time. When it was that close, I used to keep my bare feet off the floor. Really. FL electrical code required that the electric service be grounded to the copper plumbing in the house. The copper plumbing ran under and through the cement pad (floor). (Don't take him to FL in the summer!)

Scribbs, thought of you and how much you would have enjoyed the walk in relative coolness.

dickiebo said...

When we lived in Cardiff, the house directly opposite ours was hit. It split it completely in half, as though with a giant axe. All of our electrics were completely buggered - the TV chap said that the inside was one ball of metal, moulded together! He'd never seen anything like it! It threw 'B's mother to the ground and stunned me.Shan't forget it in a hurry. Real scary!

deb said...

Weird stuff. Friends in FL had ALL their electric things cooked. Oven, microwave, VCR, TV, computers, 'fridge, and stove/oven due to a power surge after a nearby strike.

An across the street neighbor was keeping an eye on our house in FL while we came north for a week. She called to tell me that one of the Washingtonian palms in front of our house had been struck. We got home to see this 50 or so foot palm tree sporting brown 'hair' at it's top. I called the city as it posed a hazard for cars and pedestrians (it was on city property). They didn't get there before the top toppled. It did that while I was out so I missed that, too. Then the city finally came to remove the trunk. I was out again! Missed everything to do with that darn tree!

Uncle Bernard said...

Picture 1580 is a real gem.
That is just crying out to be one of your paintings. I don't know about you but I have never tried painting outdoors. Pencil, pen & ink, yes.
All my colour work is done from photos. So much more comfortable, don't you think?

deb said...

I've done some plein aire painting, just not recently. It's one thing if you've got a partner in painting to go out with, another to do it all alone.


Because as soon as you get all set up and ready to have inevitably feel the need to find the loo! Helps if you can leave the entire set up with someone rather than packing it all up.