Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Who Do I Call?

After awaking from a good night's sleep, I 'crossed to the other side' (visited Mom at her side of the house) to spend some time breakfasting with her. She asked, "Did you hear my phone ring at 10:00 last night?"

"No, didn't hear it." It was rather warm last night and I had the fan running, and I was reading and watching TV at the same time, upstairs in my side of the house, so no wonder I didn't hear her phone!

"It was 'the other'," she said. 'The other' is my mom's friend who has the same first name as my mom. We kidding-ly refer to her as 'the other'.

"She said her computer was making bad sounds and she didn't know what to do. She said she thought you would be able to help."

"At 10:00 at night?" I was a bit surprised. "Did you tell her to call her son?" He lives just 5 minutes away.

"She said that she tried calling her grandson, but got no answer. (He lives across the street from 'the other'.) So, you know, she figures that you can fix anything. I told her that you were upstairs reading or watching TV or something. I suggested she call her son and she said he was leaving to go on vacation tomorrow and she thought he might be sleeping already. So I told her if she couldn't get him to call back."

Thank goodness she didn't call back. And yes, if she had, I would have gotten dressed, headed out in my truck to her house to see what was wrong with her computer. Not that I'm particularly computer scholarly, but I'm not afraid to try a few things to help out. Even at 10 p.m.

As my mom remarked, "Well you know, your dad could do almost anything and people think you are the same."

And my reply, "So who do I call when I need help?"

She didn't have an answer. Neither do I. Not any more.


scribbs, who repairs everything with a hammer. said...

We know you could put new tops on the computer's keys! :P

I understand what you're saying, though. These days, it seems like the person who will do anything beyond wailing about the perfidy of any device that goes bad, wears out or is misused automatically becomes a "go-to" resource.

Where does the "go-to" person go? Wish I knew, Am there, doing that.

Maybe we call each other and whine?

deb said...

Watch out, I'm in a whiny mood this evening. No, change that...I'm actually feeling a bit perkier. See, no one to call, I have to work it out myself. Good thing there isn't a way to hear what I'm saying to myself.

Hey Scribbs, I need a bigger hammer!

Seriously, what bugs me is that she would think nothing of inconveniencing me when her similarly aged son and his live-in girlfriend are living (free of charge while being very gainfully employed)in 'the other's' other house (multimillion dollar, on the beach, etc.) a mere 5 minutes away.