Monday, June 07, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science

Not even close. I've been working on a little, 7-foot project for the church's Vacation Bible School. Yes, I am building a rocket in my cellar! It's gotten a bit out of control size-wise.I've worked hard to keep it under 8 feet. I was hoping for 6 and managed a compromise at 7. I had to narrow the wingspan about 6 inches from my original design because I DID think to measure the bulkhead opening. Yes, I can get it out of the cellar. I still have the decorating to execute. The rocket might be named Cosmicventure. The theme/name of the week-long Bible school is Cosmic City. Anyway, the rocket will have it's name along the side with an appropriate 'registration' number. There will be some windows in the nosecone and red flames in the thrusters.

Other matters - I've just finished the start of 8 new ivory necklaces. The next craft fair is on July 17th and I'm a tad short on goods. I'll have to get them painted by the end of the week so that there will be enough dry time.

Sunday afternoon I had an exciting half hour sitting in my truck in the Stop & Shop parking lot waiting for 'A' to get out of work. I had left home early to get on the road, and then parked at the store, before a large line of thunderstorms arrived in our area. The storm arrived just as I parked and was finished about 5 minutes before 'A' left work. The lightning was flashing every few seconds and the thunder was a continuous rumble for more than a half hour.This was my view during a mild moment in the storm around 4:30. At it's worst it was raining so hard that I couldn't see out the windshield.

Today was beautiful, sunny, 73° and breezy. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same.

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