Saturday, August 14, 2010


Oh yes, we did. And now I need a vacation where I can split the time doing my kinds of things and relaxing. All in all, this little getaway of the three gals wasn't as disastrous as it had the potential of being. We all managed to get along and we did have some fun times. I'd just like to get beyond the whining when something doesn't work out exactly as someone anticipated, or the bored looks when there is the slightest moment of inactivity. Sometimes it's just nice to sit and look around, or aimlessly wander and maybe discover an interesting tidbit. Ah well, two and a half days of "what are we doing next?" can tire a person.

What we did do next involved a lot of shopping and very little least on my part. 'A' managed to spend the most, of course. On clothes - the gal could clothe an entire small country. Mom only spent some change on a cookie cutter and I bought a few postcards. Our biggest expenditures were on accommodations and a major outing by train.

Seems the North Conway area is extremely overbooked no matter the time of year. The last few weeks before the school year begins brings new meaning to "no room at the inn". We did finally find a suite that was considerably overpriced, but weighing spending half a day looking for the potentially non-existent something better, grabbed it and settled in. After some afternoon shopping, Amanda and I played 18 holes of miniature golf at Pirate's Cove. We chose the 'Blackbeard's Challenge', having tried the other course a couple years ago. Neither of us approach the play with any type of competitive attitude...just fun. I did beat her by 13 points, though!

Our next biggest expense was a super cool trip on the 'Notch Train' from North Conway to Crawford Notch. An outstanding trip in my book, mom thought it was okay, 'A' came in third with a not enjoying it so much. Anyway, there was beautiful scenery, interesting towns, historic sites, and generally just lots to look at.

Some of the pictures in this post are taken from the train ride. Including this one of our train personnel relaxing at the Crawford Depot before the return trip.


well-trained scribbs said...

You're much better at taking the reluctant herd on vacation than I could ever be! I would have kept a roll of duct tape hung on my belt, and would have let the noisemakers know I wasn't afraid to use it.

But, based on your photos, I have to say the Notch Train ride had to make up for all the other trials and tribulations!

deb said...

Almost did, but there were certainly things that were missing.

Sitting here chuckling at some images that your 'chosen' name has sprung upon my mind. Assumed-ly unintended.