Tuesday, August 31, 2010


is what I'm trying to remain.  Most days I do okay with it.  Sometimes not so good.  I'm working out some details on life things that are too involved to report on here. 

Anyway, the other night when we were going through the old photos, I came across a favorite.
Al's yellow Harley

Now that's a cheerful bunch of people.  The photo is labeled Picnic at Summit Grove.  Family and friends having a good time...my dad taking everyone for a ride around the block on his motorcycle.  It seems it was my great aunt Alice's turn.  She could be quite the cut-up.

Of course this picture was taken a few years before I was around, but I still remember many of those simpler, happy days and I miss them.


scribbs-on-a-putt said...

Some people think "life-things" are less onerous when you have a Harley.

Judging from the expressions on those in the photo, "some people" may well be right!

deb said...

Certainly made things a lot more bearable!

dickiebo said...

And.............no crash-helmets!!

deb said...

Mom and dad did have the cute little leather ones.

Bernard said...

Miss those days?
Don't we all?
Life was so uncomplicated. Hardly any rules, regulations etc. Less worry, less crime, probably less money, but who was counting - we were all happy and showed it. I too have old photos full of happy smiling faces.
At first, I thought you were going to say that was you sitting on the rear fender!

deb said...

Actually, the little girl sitting on the back is my cousin. She is about 8 years older than me. Her younger sister is being held up in the air by my grandfather so that she is in the photo (to the left rear)