Sunday, August 08, 2010

How Much I suppose to put up with?

This week is 'A's vacation week. Mom and 'A' want to do something so, per the norm, I must be involved as official driver, organizer, and (duck quickly) ...go between.

They decided, once again, despite the fact there could be upteen places other than 'the same old place' to go to the White Mountains.

I HAVE to be here Monday morning to ship some keys. Then 'A' decides that she wants to be here Tuesday, for some TV show grand finale marathon airing. What can I say? The stuff is important to her. Mom watches the weather (for here, not the destination) and decides that the weather will not be good enough for a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday trip. She wants to leave on Tuesday.

See what's going to happen?

'A' says she won't go then. Or maybe even not at all. Mom's mad because she doesn't understand the importance of 'A's TV plans. Honestly, I'm not thrilled about that taking precedence, either, but it is her vacation time.

So today works out like this: 'A' is in a bad mood. Sulking. Hardly a word to say to anyone, never mind making it a pleasant word. I finished the kitchen tiling for Mom, just to work off some of the anger I was building up. Mom spends the latter part of the afternoon and dinnertime not speaking to me.

Fool that I seem to be in all this, I decide to try one more time. First I approach 'A'. And she agrees to a Wed. through Fri trip. Weather pending. Then I go to Mom, who denies giving me the silent treatment and starts arguing about 'A's behavior (even manages to dredge up everything she can think of to throw in the mix). Mom wouldn't give me a definitive answer so I pushed it a little. Managed to get her to say that she would go Wed. through Fri. weather being good enough. Then she adds...but it won't be and that's the only reason I'm agreeing.

Since then, they have both approached me with argumentative overtones. I'm not biting. 'A' came close to giving up her Tuesday, then came in to tell me that the weather didn't look bad for the end of the week. Who knows?

What I do know is that, once again, both of them have shoved all blame, evidently, in my direction. At the very least I am being punished for trying to please each of them. Both say that I do more for the other. I say...

I'm going to start saving for my own trip. And as soon as it's possible, I'm going. Without them.


road-ready Scribbs.... said...

I think you've hit on the solution! They go to the White Mountains, whenever they can agree on departure/return times.

You, meanwhile, go somewhere else!

Otherwise, you're gonna need a vacation from the vacation....

deb said...

One of these days I plan to take that vacation.

dickiebo said...

Atta gal, Deb. Don't say anything, though. Just up and say, 'I'm orf for a coupla days. See you Saturday.'

deb said...

What sounded good to begin with is beginning to sound spectacular.