Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Experience

Aerial of my neighborhood in FL
 I've been officially welcomed to the new century.  Yeah, I'm a bit slow.  Well, I was.  Now I have DSL service! the midst of having to do some changing around of emails and changing notifications on various accounts, I discovered that Blogger was moving ahead, too.  So this is my first post using yet another new, improved version of Blogger.  Over the next few posts I'll be checking out some of the features.  Back is the Strikethrough feature so I can change my mind as often as I want.  See?  And photos are supposed to be drag and drop, so the one I tried to insert here:   Should now be here:  Did it work?  Hmmm...Okay, I guess I don't get that one!  But I did get it to change from center to left and small to medium.  (My house is as close to center in the photo as you can get.)  Back to reading up on features.


wired-up scribbs said...

DSL is so last-century. Nowadays, ya gotta have Ultra-Zoom-O wireless, or satellite connections or G3, or G4, or Z29X...can't keep up with all that stuff.

You're supposed to have an Android, too. Me, I'm stuck down at Zombie level.

But it's sure good to hear that you have some line-speed now!

deb said...

Yeah, real swift here.