Monday, August 23, 2010


Stopped at the downtown loo while on our morning walk.  I've seen other people taking this picture, so I thought, oh why not...

The Steinway on stage at The Loo
So there it is, on a clammy, dreary, and soggy day.


Uncle Bernard said...

At first I thought you were trying out one of these 'Loos' with glass sides!
If you haven't come across them yet, they have one way glass, so you can see out, but people outside can't see in! Well that's the theory!
Don't think I'd fancy it myself. :(

deb said...

I think that would be way too disconcerting.

keyed-up scribbs said...

Doesn't everyone have a Steinway in the Loo?

It's a grand photo, Deb!

deb said...

Umm, I better not write what I'm thinking.

My official comment is, "No comment."