Friday, February 11, 2011

The Exhibitionist

Not what you think.
This morning a friend emailed and a part of her email exclaimed, "FRONT PAGE!"  Well of course I had to check it out.  Sure enough, there on the front page of our local, weekly, free newspaper was a photo as part of a story about the elementary school's new science center.  And in that photo...
It soars again!
The photo above is copyrighted material (Beacon) and is shown here for personal use only

And that was just the start of a pretty swell day. 

Mid day was consumed with tuning jobs and late day demanded my attendance at the Rockport Art Association Contributing Members opening.  Once again I'm showing an oil painting.
Beyond the Oaks

And a photograph.
American Spirit

The three gals showed up just after five o'clock to check out the exhibit and to nibble on finger food.  While standing around chatting, we were approached by a photographer who inquired about being photographed for Cape Ann Magazine.  We hesitated and then a thought came to me.  "Sure, we'd be glad to as long as the photo is taken in front of my painting."  'A' didn't want to, but mom and I did the photo thing and the photographer jotted down our names AND the title of the painting. 

Just maybe a bit of publicity, huh?


scribbs, blasting off, said...

'Bout time someone gave Rocket Girl the credit she deserves!

I like both painting and photo. But then, you're an artist, so they should be good!

(Okay, they're not as cool as the rocket, but that's just me....)

mary said...

The article is on the bulletin board in Ventres Hall. Folks at the pot luck supper were very excited to see it.

We are proud of you, Deb!! Wish you could have been credited in the paper with making it but I think the whole town already knows you did it. How many trips did you take to the hardware store?

I don't think the Principal was given that creator information when it landed at the school. I was surprised to see the article as I had no idea where it had gone. So glad it has found a home and the boys love seeing "their" rocket in the Science Room.