Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Surprise Myself (sometimes)

My afternoon tuning called to reschedule.  The family is all sick.  That left me with an afternoon open to possibilities.

So, what did I fill it with?

Wellllllllll...I vacuumed, dusted, tidied, organized, shredded old paperwork, went to the bank, paid bills, returned a couple phone calls, AND....

I worked on my Manning presentation.  Yes, I, the non-public speaker, will be giving a presentation for the historical society (and anyone else around that may be interested) on William N. Manning, organ builder of Rockport.  Originally planned as an article (still not completed) for the Reed Organ Society Quarterly, I goofed and agreed (in an obviously weak moment) to give a 'talk'.  It's scheduled, I think, for November.  Plenty of planning time as I'm hoping to make it a multi-media presentation - PowerPoint presentation, lecture, and recorded music written by Manning and the majority performed on a Manning organ.

Today I started organizing the visuals.  All got scanned into my computer that weren't already there.  Then I successfully copied them to a CD.  Really, this is an accomplishment as I don't do that kind of thing often enough to remember how it's done.  Then..........I took the CD and found the DVD reader on my second hand (third hand in reality) laptop that I nearly never use.  The laptop has PowerPoint installed on it, my desktop doesn't.  I popped that CD in there and much to my amazement the thing worked! Now I'll be able to create my program, copy it to a Flash drive and use the library's projection equipment.

I feel so brilliant!   (no laughing out there)


deb said...

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Anonymous said...

Anti-perspirant? Ha, ha, ha!