Monday, February 07, 2011

It's Not Political

It's just that one thing led to another...

First, if you remember, there was Dexter the snowman.  Dexter began to suffer mightily when wind and snow changed to wind and rain.  So much so that poor Dexter lost his head.  Then he took a hit to his midsection.
Dexter looking a bit doggy

After being emailed some clever Calvin and Hobbes snowmen cartoons (thanks with a big smile), my thoughts turned to salvaging what I could of Dexter.
"I'm sinking"

Then I thought a bit more and gave up real work for the morning to create this...
As Lady Liberty

I'm sure some will read all sorts of stuff into my current snow display.

(Before y'all jump on what you think is an error on my part...there ARE seven points on the crown.  Ya just can't see the one all the way around to the left side.)


scribbs, the snow-less said...

As the woodchucks in the GEICO commercial say --while chucking wood -- (in high, squeaky voices): "Oh, hahahahahaha!"

Dexter seems to be saying "Give me liberty, or give me snow!"

And yes, I'm sure Calvin would have loved this....

Mary said...

Snow lady Liberty is a riot! Love it and your sense of humor!

Is it located where folks can see it while driving by? Folks can't be grumpy and not neighborly after seeing such an amusing sculpture!

I'll spare you the several captions that come to my mind but at least it can be said that your snowman/lady did not "lose her head"! We can't say that about some people who shall remain nameless!

deb said...

Yep, located on the 'front' snow-covered lawn.