Monday, February 21, 2011

Slow Days

This is the time of year when work slows down.  I've just enough to keep afloat, but not so much that there isn't time for other things.

One thing I have done is to sort through one of my bookcases.  I've pulled out some volumes that are not 'keepers' and fit in some others that had been stored in wrong places such as under my TV in my bedroom.  I also store some of my piano music in this bookcase and I pulled out my copy of Carolina Moon.  It has inspired me to start practicing again...another thing to do during work slow-down.  I was amazed that I could play this piece with little hesitation after so many years away from it.

Anyway, as you can see there is not much organization to the bookshelves.  I tried at the beginning to keep things classified, but in just more than eight years, well, it's suffered.  I don't intend on getting overly zealous about sorting it all out.  As you can see, there is a large Statue of Liberty 'preserved' puzzle (it has NY scenes all over it) that stands in the corner overlapping the bookcase.  On the bottom shelf, in with the piano music, I found a book I had purchased at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL.  It's a book of black and white photographs of behind the scenes at the circus.  That's where my name jumped off the page at me.  I had never noticed it before.  I scanned it and then played with it for a while.  Then put it at the top of this post.

Extra time on my hands.


Bernard said...

I love books, as you probably know.
I also love looking at other peoples books, so I'm glad to posted up large photos so I could enlarge and take a peek. :)
Two copies of Lord of the Rings. :)
Wood finishing looks familiar, as do your books on ragtime.
An excellent collection.
I did a post years ago on books.
I think I might just do another.

deb said...

Also, there should be three of The Hobbit (paperback, hard cover and leather bound)!

Wish the lighting had been better so that it was easier to read all the titles. There's a moderately sized collection of biographies of jazz musicians and a couple really good ones on Gershwin.

The other bookcase doesn't lend itself to being photographed (too close to a hallway wall). It's more of the same plus all my piano related books.

mary said...

"Slow Days" might well be read as "SNOW Days"!

I bet your shovel is about worn out after this winter, to say nothing about your back and arms! You can buy a new shovel for next winter but . . .

deb said...

Yeah, I'm over all the prettiness of it.