Sunday, February 06, 2011

Three Words

 No More Snow.
partially dug out back drive

Just some pictures from the past week or so...

the deck - fence is 6 feet tall

Oh, have I mentioned ice?  We've got that, too.  This is my back drive.  At least what I shoveled of it.  Today it is a cascade of thick ice.  Two and a half inches thick in some places.  Yes, I measured it while I was out chopping some of it up.
this morning's icy mess

I sure hope that groundhog wasn't just snow blind when he didn't see his shadow.  I'm ready for some seriously warm weather!

Some things do make for pretty pictures though.


shiver me scribbs said...

One really nice thing about ice and snow

Never mind. The photos are neat, and the last is just plain gorgeous.

Come July or August, I'll be looking for an "oooh, I miss winter" post....

deb said...


frosty, the scribbs-man said...

Oh, yeah: all that snow and no snowman?

What a terrible waste....