Thursday, October 19, 2006

Deb, Bath, and Beyond...

Yeah, yeah, really lousy play on words. I'm tired. Anyway, here's weird pictures to post on a blog. Tah, dah! An almost finished bathroom. I still have a bit of border to hang in the area of the sink. You can't see that part here. If you look in the second photo it would be to your left. This wasn't an easy spot to take a photo. Small area to work in! The beadboard and trim work is actually ALOT lighter than it appears in the photos. The color is more like the darkest brown in the border. I'll call it dark caramel.

*****Flu blue!*****

Tuesday was flu shot day. We have gotten flu shots every year, except one, since Doc and I divorced. Being the only support for the two of us, I couldn't afford to get that sick. If my daughter got sick, I couldn't afford to take the time off work! So....some preventative medicine. We did get through the one "shortage" year with what were just nasty colds. Close to flu but not as bad! Shot time was 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and they were given at a local pharmacy. We arrived at 9:30 knowing that there are senior apartments just across the road and, well, they tend to be early. Even with our early arrival I was about twentieth in line. There were two nurses giving the shots. It was just about my turn and an older lady a couple places ahead of me felt like she was going to faint. Now we were down to one nurse. All in all it took about 45 minutes total time. Not too bad. They called the ambulance for the older lady. We managed to be leaving the parking lot just as the ambulance was arriving.


Keys in and keys out this week. So far I have completed and shipped two sets. I'm working on a third for a local tech.


Dad is doing a little better at last. He isn't nearly as confused. He does have moments every once in awhile that he forgets that he had his eye operated on. He totally forgets and starts doing stuff he's not supposed to do. Then when my mom gets after him about it he argues with her. Eventually things get settled and all is okay for a couple days.


Tomorrow I head back to the police station. Officer L. got in touch and asked that I document the phone calls and get back to him. I've made a tape recording of the message that was from R on my parent's answering machine, and listed all the other suspicious calls. I also copied a tape from my answering machine from February 2005 that has calls resulting from some of R's online activities where he posted information about me.


Just noticed some things in the bath photos that some of you might recognize (if the photos were better!). On top of the wall cabinet is a wooden basket from "Ernie's Market"! In the basket is a piece of "monkey puzzle" (it's real name is Bunga-Bunga) tree from our property in Florida along with a nice box that Joan sent (her note is still in the box). Joan sent the monkey puzzle "branch", also. In the "palm tree" box there is a pod from a flamboyant tree in St. Thomas, USVI. Yes, customs *did* think we were a bit odd. And, yes, we had been to the Agriculture Office on the island to get permission to take some flamboyant tree pods home! Also, in the close-up photo you will see a print of a white heron. I have four prints by the same artist. I purchased them when Trinity College had a big yard sale. The prints were from the 1920's and had been in the building since it had been the "Fenway Hotel". I paid $5 each. When we were moving back here from Florida, I considered selling them at the HUGE moving sale that I had. I think that I had them priced at around $20 each, believing I would make a good profit. Now, I'm not totally dumb. A couple days before the sale I decided that I better check out what, if anything, they were really worth. Online I went, to find a gallery in California selling a similar print by the same artist for $650. They came with me!

******AND FINALLY******

Saw Mary walking in town. Wave, Mary, Wave!


mary said...

Love the title! Clever. Also know how MUCH work goes into redoing a room. Good job - looks great.

Oops - I must have been concentrating on pushing the stroller and staying upright! Will look around more next time. We were picking G up at pre school and someone had borrowed my car. I need to walk anyway to get back in some sort of shape.

Glad to hear things are less unstable with family. Notice I didn't say "stable" as maybe that would be asking for a miracle? Hope the remainder of the week is great and that Saturday includes some fun and relaxation.

deb said...

Yep, you were stroller pushing!

We're all hanging in. I was supposed to take mom shopping this afternoon. Not for anything in particular. I was just too tired and ended up taking a 2 hour nap instead!