Monday, June 25, 2007

Big Night Out

Well, maybe not that good, but certainly educational with a bit of social thrown in for good measure.

Tonight was the annual meeting of the Thacher Island Association. Some really nifty stuff is happening out there and I hope I can make a couple trips this summer. The Bridgeport reed organ will not be living on the island for the summer. Doc W. has decided to leave it in the waiting room of his office. Too many people are enjoying it there.

He has delivered another to me for restoration. This second organ will make the trip to sea. Schedule-wise it will probably be next summer. There will be more on that organ another time.


Later this week I'll be adding more links in the sidebar. There will be a link to the Thacher Island website. It is a super good looking site with lots of information about the island and the association. For now you can check it out from the link in this post.

The second link that I'll be adding is for The Piano Company. A top notch, full service piano business in Florida. I always like to promote the best businesses whenever I can. FP is in the process of revamping his entire site and it is looking fantastic. Check it out here for now.


I had intended on making the following an additional entry, but here it is to get it done with.


I have written a billing statement for the GDT outlining all amounts that we are due. This will be the cover letter. I hope that this will be the end of any dealings with them. I'm prepared to take it further if necessary, but I hope it won't be. I've eliminated our full names and contact info for posting here.

June 25, 2007

Enclosed please find the tally of the final amounts due to Amanda XXX. The list is comprised of customers that refused or failed to make payments upon request. Please remit this total amount to:

Amanda XXX

I anticipate that this will be handled in a timely manner and require no further action on our part. If there are any questions, please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I expect that Amanda will receive a payment check within two weeks of the date above.

We have also noticed that the mixed up four routes have finally been divided logically and appropriately as we had requested for more than one year. Had this taken place in a timely fashion, we would have easily been able to find substitute delivery for our one week vacation.

Finally, the lack of the courtesy of a telephone call or message informing us that we had been replaced, after nearly four years of dependable service on behalf of the Gloucester Times, is blatantly unprofessional.



(Hmmm, when previewing this post, the letter appears to be all one paragraph. In real life it is not. I haven't a clue which way it will publish to blogger.)


dickiebo said...

Link to 'FP' doesn't work.
I previously checked out the Thacher Islnd site. Ding Ho as the chinese would say.
And Amen to the Gloucester Times. I'm gonna see if I can send them a snotty e-mail.

dickiebo said...

I have to register my disgust at your treatment of Deb in Rockport. Fellow readers of her blog are equally dismayed at your actions in firing her.
Sent to Gloucester Times Customer Feedback.

deb said...

Click on the word "here" in the sentence "Try it out here". Works for me! Maybe it's because I've been a good girl of late.

And thanks for the email. Still visiting with former customers...see'em everywhere in a small town.