Saturday, June 30, 2007

Frustration and a Few Niceties

It has been an extremely frustrating time. At least for the last couple of weeks. I guess it's a combination of anticipation of lack of funds, annoyance in trying to collect the money we are due from the Gloucester Times, tunings not paid for, and people's attitudes.

To top everything off, I WAS writing this post on my laptop. I'll explain why in a bit. The laptop is annoyingly slow compared to my desktop. As I typed those words earlier, I was to learn just how ANNOYING and SLOW it was. It froze.


Nothing helped.

Not any of the bail me out tricks.

So, I held my breath and shut it off. I haven't tried it again since. Methinks it needs a bit of service!

Anyway, starting from the laptop experience and working backwards........I was trying to keep busy by taking the laptop to my folk's place. My mom wanted to get out for a while. Now, generally, I don't mind this, but she keeps asking more and more. I've tried to explain that I've got work to take care of. That I can't keep stopping what I'm doing to keep an eye on my dad while she putters in the garden. I don't think I've ever been so far behind with my work. Part of that also comes from doing other stuff that is asked. Like build a new gate for the garden or make extra trips to the dump. It seems like all her stuff gets done while meanwhile mine falls behinder and behinder (don't you dare correct my English).

It's officially been a month, plus or minus a couple days, since I tuned the piano at "The Studio" and the piano at "The Gloucester Stage Company". Both businesses have received second notices of payment due. Neither have paid. This makes me angry, it's a pain you know where for bookkeeping, and it comes when I really notice the drop in income thank-you-GDT.

Three times during the last week that I have held the door for the next person they've walked right in, never bothering to hold the door as they passed me, never a thank you. Listen people, if you think I'm a doorman (lady) then I expect a tip! I swear the next person that tries that, I'm just going to let go. So there.

I occasionally read a blog written by a fellow volunteer with WHOA. Her most recent entry was a comment on the lack of courtesy. No pleases nor thank yous, no excuse mes. Nothing.


Just to end on a brighter note.

We still continue to meet up with former newspaper customers. They are still quite supportive and express their gratitude on the service they received from Amanda and me. Word is getting around town rather quickly about the situation and there have been a couple people who have canceled their subscriptions in support even though we were not their carriers! Here's a short list of supporters. There might be more coming along!

Thank you,
Mary, Beth and John, dickiebo, Phyllis and husband, Frank, Jack and Debbie, Beth, Shirley, John, Carolyn, Marilyn, Sue, Eunice, Bob, Kerry, Al, Mr. A, Mrs. R., Mr. and Mrs. H., Candace, Mrs. A., Mr. M., Mrs. H. and Mrs. R., Margaret, Bridgette, Jean, Debbie, Rosemary, Mike M., Roger, and the DPW guys who still wave and toot horns when I'm out walking.

You all make us feel super good inside.

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dickiebo said...

" I held my breath.."
Don't hold it, Deb. Just take a deep 'un.
If you are 'super good' inside, then that'll keep out the chill caused by some not-very-nice people.