Tuesday, June 19, 2007

52 Gone By

Thank goodness my birthday is over. I wasn't going to post about it until dickiebo, my birthday "twin", blogged his botched birthday. Then I just couldn't resist a little one-up-manship (in the broader sense of the word man, please).

Shall I begin by saying that the last birthday that I remember as being truly okay was sixteen years ago? I know this because it was okay enough that I don't really remember anything about it in particular. Doc and I were still married, Amanda was nine. We lived in Florida. My mom and dad lived about 2 miles from us and although they summered in Rockport, they always waited to leave for the north until after my birthday. We were normal. Well, whatever normal really is, we were close to it even with our unique style. Life was pretty good.

Then divorce came for Doc and me. Our final date in court was just 6 days after my birthday (and 1 day after our 15th anniversary). Doc was still living in the home, that as custodial parent, I would stay in with Amanda. My mom and dad came over for dinner, cake, and gifts. For Amanda, we all smiled at one another and feigned cordial behavior.

For the next 10 birthdays it was just Amanda and me. Oh we celebrated my birthday, but in April along with Amanda's and my mom's. My folks had moved north and were only wintering in Florida. As Amanda got a bit older, the two of us would just go out for a special dinner on THE day.

My birthday of 2002 was spent in court. My divorce from a short marriage to a Brit was finalized on that day. (The judge asked and I told him..."best gift I have ever gotten")

Now that we all live in Rockport, you'd think birthdays might be fun once again. My mom and I plan my dad's, I plan my mom's and Amanda's. When it comes to my birthday they all want me to plan that, too. Really bugs me that I have to act as referee between the rest of the gang. It's usually weeks of grandma says this or that, Amanda wants this or that, what do you want to eat, what kind of cake, lunch or dinner.....on and on. Gee folks, it's too much work having a birthday. Just do what you want and it'll be fine at this point. Really, really, REALLY! I give up.

So year 52 is finished. Did I get some stuff I wanted? You bet. Mom and dad bought me a lot of the 1X4s that I need to finish the woodwork in our new home. Yes, I actually had that on my list! Amanda got me the most luxurious set of bed sheets that I have ever owned. I love them. She also got me a watering can. Sort of a fun gift as it replaces the one she broke last year. And of course, Jayne sent Squirt. Mary remembered, and other than Amanda who got up super early to wish me a Happy Birthday, was the first local to wish me a HB. I got some great cards. Some with beautiful flowers and words and the "whipped cream card" from Sue. I got this card from the contractor that built our house. His birthday is today. A day after mine. It's become a "thing" to exchange cards. On the inside it says, "In honor of your birthday kitty wanted to make a special drink just for you". I love the determined look on that cat's face! Such purpose. LOL

The down side...I still had to play referee. A position I dread each year. We didn't go to Skip's for lunch as my dad is too ill. I told my mom not to even mention it to him. They had me up at 3:30 a.m. to pick him up off the floor. My dad didn't remember it was my birthday. It's all right, but it's hard to see him so changed. My mom thought I turned 53 instead of 52. I still didn't get a homemade, chocolate whipped cream roll for my birthday cake. My mom has only indulged me once in 15 years. I know it was too hard to do it this year with so much time devoted to caring for my dad. But somehow, I don't know, I guess if it had been a few more times during the past 15 years, I wouldn't want it so much!

So, all in all, I'm very relieved to have it all over with for another year.

Now I start on 53. I was thinking that day one was a good Karma day. Amanda and I went out for the afternoon. She bought a new bed that will be delivered in about four weeks. It's super cool. We stopped to get non tourist priced gas on the way home. I asked for $20 regular. The woman pumping the gas was ditsy and spoke English with a heavy Portuguese accent. She looked to be in her early 20's. When I looked back at the pump it was rounding the $21.50 mark and she had wandered off to talk to some friends. I yelled back to her that I had asked for only $20 worth. She sauntered over and stopped the pump at $24.87 and asked for $20. Okay by me. Good Karma, nearly $5 of free gas! Called my folks to let them know we would be back in about a half hour.

And mom says....

"Oh thank goodness. You won't believe what I've done." (Ohhhh, no, now what?)
"I just went to get dad his pain pills, forgot what I was doing, and took them thinking they were Tylenol for me."

So much for good Karma. So short lived.
Mom's fine. A tad draggy and loopy after 30 mg. of oxycodone!

Year 53 is heralded in!


dickiebo said...

"..year 53 is heralded in.."
Yea. What a great year it will be.
Yesterday is history, Deb. Manana.

deb said...

And we have great memories, don't we?

At least we can look back and laugh at our disasters. Well, most of them. Many people would be defeated and angry. A sense of humor is a wonderful gift to possess.

Let's do this next year up in style, dickiebo!

dickiebo said...

I'll drink to that pal.

totallyun-pc said...

How old? blimey ;-)

deb said...

Hey, tupc. Well, old enough that I *should* know better. (grinning)

And your excuse?

Debbie said...

Hi Deb!

Thanks for the advice! I never really thought about too much info. I changed some things. I started it so I would have a place to release my thoughts and fears.

I appreciated it.