Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The I Word

Uprightness, honesty, sincerity.

I don't understand how this can be so missing in today's society. Truly, how miserable have things become that a person's word is meaningless?

How often, when I have made a return phone call to a potential piano customer, have they thanked me for returning their call. Why isn't common courtesy to return a call, well, common?

I told you that there might be some disappointing news concerning our delivery job. I'll say right off the top that this post has nothing to do with the literal understanding of a contractual agreement. I am not arguing the written knowns and agreed upons. This goes far beyond that, to trusting and taking a person's word in good faith. THAT was totally my error.

Yes, we signed a contract that states that we will provide our own substitute delivery person if needed for vacation time. No argument. My disappointment and disbelief comes from verbal assurances that I was given by the "supervisor". Amanda started the job with 2 routes - approximately 45 papers/day. Shortly after we were asked if we wanted an additional route. We agreed and that added 38 more papers/day. Then about 6 months later we were asked to add an adjoining route of about 18 papers and to deliver "off route" to one person who was not happy with their current delivery person. Once again, we took on the extra work. Then I was asked to combine that last route with another small one. At that time I asked for a trial week after which time we agreed to add those extra 8 customers. At the same time, I posed the question, "What will happen when we want a vacation? We may not be able to find a substitute for this huge WALKING route (actually 5 routes)". (Presently we deliver 104 papers/6 days per week)

The supervisor's answer............."Don't worry, I'll take care of it".

And now....after over three years of service with no complaints, no missed deliveries, and on and on......she says she never said it.

I am shocked, disappointed, disgusted, in sheer disbelief.

This last month has been a disaster of non-pay customers with no support, no back up, nothing but a couple nasty phone messages (to us) from the supervisor. Only excuses and stalls. Even beyond that....she has basically accused me of lying about amounts we are owed.

Damn it, it hurts.

Her supervisor is backing her, at least on the surface, to me. He did say that they would be willing to consider any amounts that I thought we were owed! Well I should hope they would do more than consider.

Our vacation week starts on my birthday (18th) and continues through the following Saturday. The big guy supervisor would only tell me that it is up to HER whether a temporary sub is found or she gets a permanent replacement, effectively firing us. Evidently we won't be told and are to find out only when the papers are at our door on the 25th - or not.

Yet, still, something inside me keeps hoping that there is some tiny bit of integrity in her. I hate being a sucker, being duped in the name of consideration. How many times have I stepped up to "do her a favor" and now to be blatantly lied to..............
On a far happier note.........
Got this birthday card from Sue. It arrived today, only a half hour after the newspaper mess exploded. Oh my, thank you so much, Sue! And how on earth did you know about the whipped cream? When we are bad and have dessert at Ellen's or an ice cream sundae at Friendly's we always ask for PILES of extra whipped cream!

The inside says: Demand whatever you want on your birthday.

I'm taking this card to Ellen's when I order my birthday dessert! They'll love it!

Good Karma.

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dickiebo said...

You watch your blood pressure Deb. What will be, will be. Don't worry about the papers. Just see what happens - whatever it is, will probably be for the best in the end.
Don't know about all that cream though! (Said he, living in a greenhouse and throwing stones!)