Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yes, I probably should quit with at least some money in my pocket. Well, almost. The big boss from the GDT called today. This is the one that received the bill and the cover letter, registered mail, from me.

He has come up with some bizarre amount that he thinks we are due.

For the life of me I can't figure his math. Oh, and BTW, I was a straight A student in math, keep my own business books - that balance......

So, without names.

Customer 1 owes $14.00
Customer 2 owes $14.00
GDT sample .90

GDT won't pay for customers with less than 3 weeks due. We have to try to go back and collect in person so I'm eliminating those amounts here.

Boss says they already paid for the sample. They didn't. Their credit on the bill was for a current sample, not an arrears payment that they forgot three weeks ago.

Boss says that they have issued a check in the amount of $25.84. HUH??????

Even without the .90, they owe us $28.00.

There was some mumbling in the message that he left about deducting the current due on the bill. HUH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

Our bill to the GDT was paid in full and I have the check numbers (and will have the canceled checks) to prove it.

And yes, I know that I am quibbling minimally about $2.16. In reality it is more but I guess we're on our own with that.

So....I call Big Boss.

And...He's now on vacation until July 9th.

Guess what folks, he's going to have another registered letter waiting for him.


dickiebo said...

I wouldn't waste your time Deb. If you leave things be, you can sooner forget that lot. They don't deserve you.

deb said...

Thanks, but....

I know it's not much money (now add an additional $2 tip that went with one of the $14). They owe us $30.90, not $25.84. (I've eliminated all the little amounts that we are to collect from the customers ourselves.)

We've been walked on enough by the GDT and I'm not going to let this guy do it too. I'm afraid he's going to have to stomp harder if he wants to be rid of me without paying the total.

A follow up letter is already written.