Sunday, June 10, 2007


A collection of thoughts and events of the past week.

A view of Rockport Harbor as seen from the Sandy Bay webcam on Atlantic Avenue. Rockport, where I may serve a life sentence. Or not.

I did get the keywork shipped out this past Wednesday. Another set arrives tomorrow.

I've been working on the Hardman-Duo player piano for my Marblehead customers. Going rather well and should be completed on schedule.

Dan joined me for dinner at Ellen's on Friday night. We had a good chat and joked around a lot. It's nice to get out and talk to people other than the family here.

Actually, the family doesn't really chat. Mostly they complain! Sometimes when one of us escapes to the outside world, we bring back interesting news! Hehe!

There may be a difficult situation in a couple weeks. Amanda and I are taking vacation time the week of my birthday. The newspaper doesn't like the fact that we need them to supply a substitute delivery person and has threatened that we will not have the routes after that week. I won't get into the dirty details until I see what is to happen. I probably won't know for sure until THAT Monday rolls around and I see if there are 100+ papers by the door.

Squirt the squirrel has been joined by Squeaky in eating walnuts. Scooter has also appeared but hasn't caught on to the walnut treats yet. Squirt was hilarious this morning. He found a half shell on the deck, grabbed it in his teeth, and jumped up on to a chair to sit and eat. He left the empty shell on the chair. His empty shell from last night was still on one of the loungers and Squirt got underneath the lounger, stretched as high up as he could and played with the walnut shell from underneath, bouncing it along the seat of the lounge.

We also have three chipmunks. Chip, Stubby, and Peabrain. Dale didn't return this year. Chip is the smart one. He's your typical picture postcard chipmunk. Stubby has a tail that is only a couple inches long (thus his name). Peabrain is very teeny and very dumb. He'll run right by a pile of sunflower seeds to grab single ones here and there on the deck.

Went to check out a piano at the Gloucester Stage Company. They need it tuned and weren't sure about it's dubious condition. My, my, it DOES need help. I'll go to tune it and try to fix what I can on Monday. I'm going to take the camera so be ready for a picture report.

Massachusetts has a new law beginning on July 1st. ALL residents must have health insurance or be severely penalized on their income taxes. I haven't been able to afford insurance since I move here. I had health insurance in FL. So, as required, I filled out the necessary forms for the state. Something rubbed me the wrong way....questions.....
What is your preferred spoken language? What is your preferred written language?
I say if you don't answer English you should pay a stiff fine.

But don't get me going on that one.

I filled out the forms for Amanda's insurance. Her work has decided to offer insurance to part time employees. I hope it doesn't end up costing more than she earns!

Oh yeah, back to the newspaper. Seems they cannot remember to pay us what they owe for canceled customers nor for samples we were required to deliver. They are getting a call tomorrow.

Made a big change on Friday. I took the soft cover off of my truck bed for the summer. I usually just leave it on in case of rain combined with the necessity to haul piano parts. Now, since one of us must stay home with dad, if I'm out on a job I could use the folk's minivan if I need covered hauling space.

The tourists are back. Traffic, stupid driving moves, stopping where there is NO stop sign, speeding through intersections where there are stop signs, parking nightmares! There are only three roads in to Rockport. I think we should put gates at them. Close town periodically so that the residents can enjoy a nice day! Or...."sorry, town's full, go home".

I wasted a pile of time the other night looking at Cape Ann using the satellite feature of Google. I need to do some serious exploring on foot.

Tomorrow I'll start the birthday countdown. All gifts will be accepted (sly grin). Hey LK are we still going out for lunch mid-birthday's? I'll meet you at the 750 mile mark!


dickiebo said...

You are more moderate than I am Deb. If you can't speak English then you shouldn't be here - that's for me. If you want to live here, then learn the lingo first.
I take it you are at the Mt. Pleasant Street end of Atlantic Avenue? Or you probably couldn't see the harbour.

deb said...

Nowhere near moderate. I could keep an entire blog active on the topic! I try very hard to not let myself get over-mildly irritated (being polite). I think that we are probably in total agreement on this situation.

The Sandy Bay webcam is maintained by the yacht club. (I'm not financially well-off enough to be a member). There is a camera mounted in the club facing the harbor entrance and there is a camera at the apartment of the head steward (he probably has a loftier title, should for his salary) on Atlantic Ave. That camera is about halfway down Atlantic Ave (halfway between Mt Pleasant Street and the Headlands)and faces northwestward. I'll take a photo someday from the end of T Wharf towards where that second camera is located.

dickiebo said...

"..where I may serve a life sentence - or not.."
I assumed that you were saying that you live there! Wrong again. Story of my life.

deb said...

Ahhh. Rockport, yes. Can't afford even the property taxes on a place with THAT view! I live about 1 mile from the center of town on a woodsy lane.

Make that *our* lives. And we probably have a good amount of company!

For the most part I grew up in this area. After 18 years in Florida, it no longer seems like home here. The short reason for my being here is to help my folks. The long reason will probably show up as a blog post when I make my yearly sojourn to the courthouse to "renew", or not, the Restraining Order against my ex.

At any rate, without being morbid about it, I'm here at least until both my folks have died. Then I will decide whether to make my "escape" back to Florida!

mary said...

Neighbor chiming in here: I, for one, am so happy that you are here in town You are part of the fabric that keeps my life enjoyable. You have enlightened so many of us about the dangers inherent in using the interent. Thank you.

On the one hand, I wish for your happiness and I know Florida calls, but on the other hand, I don't even want to think for a minute about you not being around someday.

Of course, I may soon not see you as much if you stop the street walking! :-)

dickiebo said...

Off subject; I read that some time last week was the anniversary of Daniel Boone's birthday. There was some info re his life on Wikipedia (if that's the right name!!!) so I've been googling his old tramping grounds. Sure getting around your country!

deb said...

Thanks, Mary. It's not that I don't like it here....well...winter does have it's moments. Just that Florida is where my "adult roots" are. Of course, in another 10+ years, I would assume that returning to Fl may feel like returning here did!

Pssstt...don't tell the cops I'm street walking...they haven't figured out the GDT disguise yet .
Well, dickiebo, you have been getting around. Don't think I've thought of Daniel Boone since watching the TV show about him when I was a little kid. Fess Parker played the role.

I did a little strolling around GB last night. Way back when, we had stayed with friends that lived above and ran the post office in Wray. Checked that out with google satellite. Also checked out The Cliffs at Morecambe.

dickiebo said...

Next time you Google around the UK, try Swansea SA3 5TE.

deb said...

Will do!