Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Charity Case

I hate asking anyone for a favor. I have to be in dire need. I have learned over the past 15 years of being single (and only parent 24/7) that sometimes I just have to grit my teeth and ask for help with something. I pay back the favor, in turn, as soon as I can...or if it is someone that will accept nothing in return, I try to do an extra for another person. Passing along the good stuff about caring for one another (how sappy).

The past week's mail has been quite charitable. Oh yes, the normal bills and junk mail but... this arrived on Saturday while we were on our northern excursion. Enclosed with the invite was this note from the president. I guess they are appreciative of the reed organ rebuild that I donated to the historical society!

If I had received only the invitation, I would have probably paid the $20 and called it "advertising" by keeping my presence "out there" visible. I called and graciously accepted the special invite...thank you very much Sandy Bay Historical Society!

Monday's mail came as an enormous mound of envelopes. Oh drat, I thought, more bills. Amazingly there was not one bill. The bank statements (two for each of us), some catalogs, junk mail, and this... My mom got one, too. Ellen's has frequent diner cards. After filling them in (several meals to fill them) you gain points earning an amount off your following meal. Then you turn in the card (plural if you eat there a lot) and there is a drawing in the Fall. Biggest prize is $100 gift certificate. Several other lesser amounts are awarded ($50, $25). Seems we didn't win at all this year but they know we eat there a lot and were generous.

I'm feeling like a charity case!

Now, anyone feel like paying off a mortgage? No? How about a little Toyota Tacoma with only 14 payments left?

Guess no takers (giggle).


dickiebo said...

Sorry, Deb. I guess there's none so deaf as those who don't want to hear. I'm only a poor ol' pensioner, m'dear.

deb said...

Retirement? Some folks only think that I am (mom and Amanda). Unless I've some very rich relative with only me in the will, I'm afraid I shall work myself to death...literally and figuratively.

deb said...

And, and, and...these charitable folks are OLDER than me. So no feeling generous to some aging piano tech!