Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nothing Fancy :-(

Just felt the need to "report in". Been busy. Really busy. Work, work, work. On keys (two sets shipped out yesterday), on the reed organ (working on some veneer repairs), and yep folks, working for my Mom (volunteer work).

Would someone please buy me a roll of duct tape for my mouth?

That way I would quit volunteering to do stuff.

On and off over the past week I've ripped up the wall-to-wall carpeting and the padding and the tack strips in her den and hallway. I had to remove all the baseboards to do this. I'm installing the Pergo flooring. It's now mostly done with only one last intricate corner board that also spans three doorways! Oh yeah, she wants the linen closet floor done, too, but that will be a cinch.

Today we hauled all the carpet and stuff to the dump and had to buy a $5 coupon at the DPW office to get rid of the debris.

My workshop looks like it snowed beige dust from all the sawing! What a mess to clean up.

I ache. My back, my wrists, my ankles, my legs, even the palms of my hands. My right elbow is the worst. I've had a lot of tunings mixed in between hammering and prying and driving "snap" joints together.

The floor is looking good, though!

I'll take pics when I have the energy.

More blogging to come later this week...even a Lanesville post!

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