Friday, September 28, 2007

Those Were The Days

Here it is, mostly for Little Wing, but I thought the rest of you might enjoy it, too. It's Shirley and Al on Al's "putt-putt". A late 1940's Harley...... in yellow.


Who Me? said...

Wow! What a great photo!

When I see old pictures like that I wish I could close my eyes and be transported back through time to that scene. Just to see the people in action and hear what they were saying and see what the world looked like then.

Little Wing said...

deb that is so awesome!!!!
I would love to know what it cost new!
That is a great picture!

deb said...

Hi ladies, my Mom has another photo around someplace that really shows the family fun. Brothers, sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, all getting a chance for a ride on the "putt-putt". My dad bought the yellow Harley used. I have no idea what he paid but it wouldn't have been much as he had just gotten back from 6 years in the Navy (WWII) and was attending college on the GI Bill.

My Mom loved riding the Harley, even after burning her ankle on the exhaust and tearing her leg on the kick stand! She loved flying along with very few other vehicles on the road.

Little Wing said...

I love your moms sense of adventure!!!!!!!