Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fingers Crossed see you soon!

I'm going to update my blogger account. I've been postponing this for weeks. I hate sending major changes drifting through cyberspace hoping that they will survive the trip and be recognizable at the end of the journey.

Sometimes I'm so in the fog about this stuff....

Crossing my fingers!


deb said...


I notice that a couple links are missing so I'll be trying to take care of that tonight.

Otherwise seems all right, yes?

mary said...

For a minute there I thought the red house was Motif#1. Looks like a Rockport fog to me! When it rolls in from the ocean and pours over our house I sometimes check to see if the house is on fire. It is a very live action.

Is the proverbial "London Fog" like this also or is it just the raincoat? Sorry, I used to have one and needed to work that into my comment - for no sane reason.

deb said...

Caught me. I needed an excuse to use this photo. Liked the three people waving to the webcam.

Alas, no fog. Just up in the clouds.

What is fog but low clouds, anyhow.

dickiebo said...

Er,....umm....please! What have you done? Looks just the same to me - even thro' the fog.

deb said...

Glad you asked!

Every so often the gods at Blogger decide to improve the user interface. That then requires "upgrading". The latest upgrade eliminates the necessity of using HTML or javascript when adding personalized stuff to the blog such as links in the sidebar, color changes to the page elements, etc. It's now "drag and drop".

Just when I learned enough HTML. pffft.

Soooo, there are also some other page elements that can be added and I may want to do some of those soooo.

I was thisclose to changing the template and making the blog new and different but as you have noticed, I'm sort of stuck with liking the look of this one!

dickiebo said...

Come on, Deb. Blue, green, and dirty white?

deb said...

I prefer to think of it as cream.

And this from a man all in brown?

dickiebo said...

If u can't beat 'em then join 'em. Ethnic majority.

deb said...