Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amazing A Maize Maze

Wednesday morning we headed out at around 9:30. Our first stop was Building 19 so that Mom could be sure that there wasn't an oriental rug there that she preferred to the one from Pelletier. We flipped stacks of rugs for about 45 minutes and then headed for Skip's for lunch. Since we had some time I decided to drive the less used (by us) side of the river. So instead of crossing from Haverhill to Groveland, we stayed on the Haverhill side. I had the camera with me and I wanted to stop and take pictures of the llamas at a local farm.

Just before we got to the llama hang out we came across a corn field maze. Guess there's more money in amusing folks than feeding them! It's a small maze but the first that I have seen in person. Since it was 90°F we didn't get "amazed". Maybe another day.

The llamas didn't cooperate for photo shooting but here are a couple that were the closest. There were half a dozen roaming around outside and a couple in the barn. Just managed to catch this one peeking around the corner. Too hot for them, too!

From the maze and the llamas, it was only a 10 minute drive to Skip's. Lori Matthews is in charge. Her mom and dad, Dot and Dave, the owners have semi retired. Lori was working the window and we told her how much we would miss our cheeseburger specials until Spring. I posted a photo of the Skip's sign on my post"Nummmba Foewha" when they opened for the season, so here's a picture of the front of the building. In the days I worked there, the front was "open air" and everyone ate in their car or at picnic tables. Now there is a dining room where people can eat in air conditioned comfort. We don't.

We decided that we needed to head directly home. Amanda had to be to work for 3 p.m. so there would be no stopping along the way.

We thought.

Some things you just have no control over.

Like bridges opening.
This is the Rocks Village bridge across the Merrimack River between the Rocks Village section of Haverhill and West Newbury. Since the river has been cleaned up there is a lot more boat traffic. This time of year people are moving their boats up river to be hauled for the winter. The Rocks Village bridge is a center swing, manpowered turnstile. Four men, two on each arm of the capstan. In the picture you can see the opening. When I took this they had just started to crank it closed.

And here we are waiting for the "stop arm" to be swung back and traffic to move. I took the picture from the driver's seat. Amanda did make it to work on time.


dickiebo said...

I don't know. The 3 Musketeers always out living it up!
The camera's getting some good airing, Deb.

deb said...

Amanda wanted to go back to Skip's again today. She got a firm NO. Well, actually it was "you pay for the gas and all our meals and maybe I'll consider driving it again". We're not going.

It'll be back to "Lanesville" and old stories for a bit, I suppose. Of course I haven't picked up today's newspaper. lol

mary said...

Love reading about your trips that always turn into great adventures along the way! So many people rush from "here to there" and never stop to really "see" what is there: llamas, hay bales coming alive etc. Thanks for sharing word pictures and actual photos.

Ready for next chapter of Lanesville! Of course, do share any local things going on - counting on you to keep us in the news loop! Big responsibility.

Little Wing said...

The pictures you post are just amazing, thank you for sharing these little slices of your life with us!

deb said...

Funny, LW, 'amazing'! I'm going to try to find a special old photo for you and for g-man. He doesn't read here so someone will have to send him.

Mary, thanks. I'm hoping to stay home for a bit for a change!