Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hey, Hay guys!

On Tuesday we made our trek to Marini's Farm in Ipswich. Not far to drive compared to our normal excursions. There is not much to set Marini's apart from other country farms with roadside stores other than.......Hay People.Yes, we make the half hour (one way) journey each year to see these. And we buy a couple pumpkins. This year we bought some yummy tomatoes, too. Here are some more of the hay family.And the fourth.Here's a picture of Amanda and my Mom being pumpkin heads on the shoulders of one guy. Aside from being the "organizer" of pumpkins so Amanda and Mom could look them over from a distance and then being the carrier of the chosen pumpkins, it was a fun visit. I will say that Amanda and Mom weren't too bad about it. They only chose six to be lined up for judging and then picked two.

After the farm stop, we headed for the Northshore Mall so that I could shop for some dressy slacks and top for the 80th Gala of the Rockport Historical Society. I hate to say it, but it took far too long. TWO HOURS. I despise shopping when I HAVE to find something. And I spent more than I wanted, as well. Amanda bought some jeans and Mom bought socks. On the way home we stopped at Pelletier Rugs. My Mom picked out a nice 5 X 8 oriental for in the den.

We got home around 6 p.m. exhausted. I went down to the workshop for about an hours worth of work and then quit for the day.

Today it'll be work in the morning before leaving for Skip's for lunch. Our last cheeseburger specials for the season. Skip's closes this week and then opens again in late April. I wish we could avoid winter!


Little Wing said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate fall!
The hay people are awesome, I have never seen them before, only scarecrows!
What a great way to store memories!!!!!

deb said...

I wanted to have some creative poses but my Mom and Amanda are too reserved! Oh well, if only Earle were with us. We got him to do a touchy pose with a mermaid statue at Weekiwachi (sp.) in Florida.

deb said...

(an editing move for dickiebo)


Claire said...

They are really amazing things, very strange! It would be interesting to see them by moonlight too - I was wondering whether they might look a bit eerie, even with friendly faces! Nice things to animate for a film.

deb said...

ooooooh. Just had a full moon, drat. They should still be there for the next. I'm making the trip. Thanks for the idea, Claire.