Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Toys

Well, I went to Sears and picked up my new sander. Like any new toy I had to get it out of the box and set up. Some assembly required. I'm not as pleased with it as I am my older bench sander. They just don't make them like they used to. Literally. It will, however, suffice as a back-up and if needed to become the primary machine, will function well with a couple easy modifications.

While I was downstairs with the camera I decided to take some shots of the workshop. It all looks so confusing in these photos. Not really. It's also not as cleaned up as it was a couple days ago. I've been working on the upstairs woodwork, and the player, and the reed organ, and now two more sets of keys. This shot is of the "front" side of the shop where I do most of the key work. You can see the stairs that lead down from my kitchen in the back. This next one is the "back" side where I do most of the player piano and reed organ work. This last photo came out very strangely color-wise. There is no good explanation for this. This end of the shop is still getting organized. This was part of my Dad's half. Still to come is "his" other half where at present we are storing all the stuff for a late Spring yard sale.


Another new toy. This time for you. As part of the upgraded Blogger, it's easy to add new page elements. So over time I'll be doing that. For now the new toy in the sidebar is a short list of blogs that I regularly read. If you haven't seen some of them, check them out. I'll be adding more eventually, but for now I listed the ones that I have been reading for quite some time.

Also, as promised for those of you that do not have an email address for me already on file. If you go to my profile page you will see a link for email. This address is checked only a couple times per week and is only for folks who have no other way to get in touch with me. It's just part of the anonymity of the Internet!


Speaking of email, Internet, and just weird stuff. Some of you who have been reading here since the beginning will know how much I hate coincidence, yet have a fascination with it. Well, here I go again.

First thing yesterday morning I received a "junk" email on my business email account. Not spam. One of those fwd, fwd,fwd, sorts from someone I know. A piano tech that I do business with. The subject line was something to do with "as seen on a couple morning TV shows". I simply deleted the message, never bothering to open it. The reasoning was, first this tech would only be getting in touch about key work - nothing else, secondly multi-forwarded stuff is usually junk urban legend stuff. Okay so far. I finished reading my other email, digests, and checked in on a couple bloggers, then went downstairs for coffee. About a half hour after I got downstairs the phone rang. I have caller I.D. (so don't mess with me!) It was the same tech that the junk email had just come from. Weird. I picked up the phone expecting to hear him apologize for having inadvertently sent the message, or that some mass email address harvesting bug had gotten to his email account address book or the like.

Nope. Never a mention. He needed key work done.

Very weird.


dickiebo said...

Hey Deb. That workplace seems to have a 'haunted' look about it. Keep an eye open and let us know if you spot anything! Just shout.
You ain't 'alf getting sophisticated with your blog, mate. Right show-off!

deb said...

Yeah, well, Dad at work! We had some weird electrical things going on for awhile. Do remember he was an electrical engineer.

More likely the weird color may be from the type of florescent lighting bulb that is over his workbench vs. the type I use.

Blogger is making it too easy to add piles of toys. I'm trying to contain myself!

Just settling back home after 6 hours on the road and three hours of sorting, carting, and loading up the mini-van. Absolutely wiped out and will blog about it soon. With pics, of course.

Claire said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! I wish I could write more about my PhD, but I guess I must wait till after it's finished and published in the appropriate public domain.

And Dickiebo's right, your workshop does look quite creepy - it wouldn't look out of place in a haunted film set.

deb said...

Hi Claire!
Of course the sheets hanging over my daughter's treadmill and an old reed organ add to the specter-ly appearance.

JQ75 said...

The last photo's odd green cast is from the florescent light that is so prominent.

Florescent light gives a sickly greenish cast and standard tungsten lighting gives off an orangish cast.

These are the true colors captured by the camera, but our eyes, as well as video and newer digital cameras, automatically "white balance" to remove the cast.

Hope that makes you feel less creepy...

deb said...

Well, I sort of liked feeling creepy! I was a photography instructor years ago so I understand about different types of light sources. Are you saying that because the last fixture is somewhat closer it has cause the coloration? The other photos have florescent lighting as well. I thought the type florescent may have done it. First photos - "daylight white", last photo mix of white and soft white (one tube of each in each fixture).