Saturday, July 19, 2008

On a Roll

As seen in the Gloucester Times, July 19, 2008.Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


dickiebo said...

Even the date was good!

deb said...

I've come up with a few reasons behind your comment, none of which seem to be spot on.


Linda Ball said...

Hey, that's very cool.

dickiebo said...

"...was loaded onto the Thacher Island launch on June 18th..."
Sorry! Should have made the 'date' clear. Course, Mary didn't help out, did she?

deb said...

Thanks, Linda! I'm thinking I might need an office so that I can frame all the ephemera of my deeds and hang them on the walls. Hah. Small office? Open floor plan?

Oh, now I see what you mean, dickiebo. I was running the July 19th around and around my head and not getting very far. We kept the loading of the organ a bit of a secret. Just in case there were problems between land and sea.