Wednesday, September 15, 2010

555 Brings Some New In

Oh, don't bother to ask.  It's obscure.

So you notice that a change has happened around here?  I've had to keep challenged somehow.  Yes, it's fun playing with blogger.  Frustrating, too.  I want to put one of MY pictures in the background here.  And it IS possible to do it.  IF.  Yes a BIG IF - you can figure out how to size the image appropriately.  I still haven't.

When I get the pixel size large enough to fill the background (per the blogger recommendations), my file size is too large to upload.  I'll keep that I know how to get back to where I was...which is now here - with a blogger stock image.  If any of you have any helpful hints, please share!

So that's what I've been doing.  Oh, I've been working too - a bit.  Scraping by is all.  Need more work so that I can have more play.


Bernard said...

I like it very much Deb. :)
Can't help, I'm afraid, but is it possible to see what size the blogger picture is? .....and make yours the same.
Have you reconsidered showing those little pictures of you followers?
You can pick and choose the ones you want. You can't stop people following your blog (as advertisers) but you can relegate them to "hidden".
PS I've haven't used the Kippers name for some time now. :)

deb said...

There's the problem...know what size I'm aiming for, just can't get there.

I'll get around to some other changes - including 'updating' your name!

scribbs, the inept said...

I dunno how any of this Interwebz stuff works, but can you see the file size of the stock images? Maybe you can emulate that.

Back when I was fussing with the layout of my blog, a friend did some design work for me. I picked a photo, and she sized it to fit. Problem was, it never fit, no matter how much we messed with it.

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

deb said...

Not so inept or I'm very inept...I know the size I'm trying to get...just can't get anything to do it! 1800 pixels X 1600 pixels in a file no larger than 300KB. I keep exceding the KB restiction.

I've got another try to make.

deb said...

Oh drat, now I can't even type correctly! Exceeding - restriction

Bernard said...

Deb, that 1800 x 1600 sounds like a maximum. I've just tried re-sizing one of my pictures to those dimensions
and it comes in at 1.9Meg !

300k is pretty small?

Try choosing any of you pictures that are less than 300K, and see what happens?

deb said...

Hi Bernard, if the pic is smaller than 1600 X 1800 it will not fill the page...tried it.

I think I can set my camera to the larger pixel size with a lesser quality image and get where I need to be. Today I tried the same photo as I had tried initially, changing my camera setting to the larger pixel setting and a medium quality...still too large a file, but smaller than the first one. Tomorrow I'll try the larger pixel setting with the economy quality!

dazed & confused scribbs said...

One thing I've noticed (on music files, not images) is that size varies by the format you save it in. Mp3s are smaller than "wav" files, for instance, but deliver the same data.

Would that also apply to photos, too?

deb said...

Haven't a clue.

Raining out now so I can't get to my ideal background image that I've been photographing.

I'm getting ready to wait until blogger has so many complaints that they build in resizing to their software for downloading background images!

Bernard said...

Scribbs has a good point there.
PNG files are of higher quality than JPG files, but they are bigger in size. :(
GIF files are small in size, but can display a maximum of 256 colours. :)
BMP files are uncompressed files anare very big in size. :(
My Photo S/w is called PhotScape (free) allows you to alter the quality. Lowering the quality, lowers the file size but the photo loses its resolution.
Have you tried Blogger 'help' or the forum?

deb said...

Okay. I've been working with JPEG. One more try when the weather cooperates. In the meantime I'll convert one of the larger ones to GIF and see what I get.

Blogger Help is where I found out that I had to work with Draft.Blogger to make this happen and also where the image qualifications are stated.

deb said...

I officially give up.

Heather said...

Hi there...just thought I would let you know I was struggling with the same thing.

deb said...

Hi Heather, I have managed to get one of my photos to the correct size...pixels and file size. Now I just can get it to apply as a background!

Has to be done in Blogger draft...still won't go!

Millie said...

Hey Deb,

I know how you feel... I just spent an embarrassingly long time trying everything I could think of.

Try this website - it's how I eventually managed to do it:

deb said...

Thanks, Millie,

Some time after I gave up I discovered that one of my photo programs would resize by pixel count. Since I discovered that, I haven't gotten around to actually doing it!

Thanks for visiting.