Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Sad Life

I suppose I should start by saying that last week a neighbor told me that a rather large tree at our backdoor neighbor's house was going to be cut down.  I should also apologize for the poor photo quality...shooting into the choice.

Great, I thought.  Something going on to watch.  A 40 to 50 foot spruce tree being cut down.  And it is sandwiched between another tree to the back, power lines to the front, and a house to either side.  This should be cool!

This morning they arrived at 8:30 and got all their equipment ready for the job.  A 'cherry picker', multiple chain saws, a shredded/chipper, and two large trucks.  I was hoping that they would get working quickly as I had to go volunteer at the historical society, but I also wanted to see at least some of the sawing action.

Wow, they did work quickly!  By the time I left at 9:25, you can see that they just had to whack off the trunk. (which they did in sections)

Anyway, while I was out watching, the property owner came home.  She parked her car down the street, out of the way, and walked on by me.  As she did I said, "Hi, T___, thanks for providing some entertainment this morning!"

She responded, "If you think that this is entertaining, you have a sad life."

And walked on.

Huh.  That was kinda mean.


scribbs, horror-movie fan said...

You're so kind! I wouldn't have been able to resist saying something like "well, it would be more interesting to watch the chainsaw dudes chop you down!"

If only the neighbor knew...I read your blog, and think your life is just fine. It can't all be caviar and wanton dissolution, you know....

dickiebo said...

Just ignore her Deb, and toddle off to the Harvest Fest!

deb said...

Well, at least I get 'off island' more than once a month (don't think she does!)

No ship in for Harvest Fest this year. Sailors without a ship...truckin' 'em up from Boston.

mary said...

The thoughts I am now processing about the neighbor are not printable!

What a sour disposition! Guess we need to feel sorry for her. You could "kill her with kindness" by baking cookies and sending a note saying "yes, indeed it was interesting to watch" and . . .how glad you are that she has to pay the bill and not you. Free entertainment is always the best.

On second thought, don't listen to me. I could get you into all sorts of trouble!

deb said...

Generally speaking, she has alienated most everyone living around her. When I first moved here, we used to visit. Then all of a sudden I was ignored like the rest of the neighbors.

I give up. I used to wave when seeing her drive by...whatever. I still will but I'm certainly not going out of my way to be 'neighborly'.

To note, she is the neighbor that insisted on a high fence around her property and her husband is trying to oblige financially.

elizabeth down the street said...

Second Son could spend an entire day sorting pebbles and be totally entertained and I don't think his life is sad at all! He would be completely happy.

deb said...

Sounds good to me, too!

I just don't understand how anyone (the neighbor) can need SO much to be amused. And considering she actually does very little, well...