Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life with Sad News

Which of course is much different from My Sad Life.  I was out doing some major piano work on Friday.  The job was far more involved than I anticipated, so I called home and asked my mom to drive a sandwich over to me for my lunch.  She did.  And she commented that the daughter of a long time friend had left a message on the answering machine requesting that my mother call her.  My mom couldn't figure out the number left to return the call.  Evidently when 'A' got home from work, she couldn't figure it out either.
I got back home at about 4:30 to find that the numbers they had been trying weren't correct.  I listened to the message...carefully...and jotted down  D's phone number.  My mom gave her a call while I went upstairs to change into comfy clothes.  Within a couple minutes my mom was calling me downstairs to take the phone.  She was very upset, shaking.  I talked to D and found out that her mom had died suddenly.
Fourth of July 2005, my dad and D's mom and dad watching the Rockport parade    Gloucester Times photo     
My mom and D's mom have been best friends since childhood.  My mom and dad and D's mom and dad had double-dated, traveled together, and shared a home briefly.  My dad and D's spent their careers working for the same company.  Our extended family.  Services will be next week.  Our thoughts and prayers are extended to D's dad and to the rest of their family.

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scribbs, sending condolences said...

That is sad. But look at the bright side: your parents and D's parents shared special close, warm bonds over so many years. Not many people are that fortunate.