Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying New Stuff

Thought I'd try posting a video.  I'll have you know this took a bit, having never done it before.  You see when I had dial-up, it took way too long...a very, very, long time.  So this is one of my favorite commercials (it is not a product endorsement).


scribbes (who wants to be "Max") said...

I'd definitely buy any flooring that came with a kitteh and a parrot!

I'm enjoying the new wave of animal-themed TV commercials. Including this one, of course. They make better product spokesbeings than most humans....

deb said...

Animals are smarter than humans, aren't they?

And to think that I thought you were commenting to tell me how impressed you are with my blogging abilities!

scribbs, computer dummy said...

Ummmm...don't tell anyone, but YouTube lets you post vids with a couple of mouse-clicks (another animal!)

Otherwise, how could I post 'em?

deb said...

But you've got to figure out where to make that mouse say "click". And how to answer those obscure questions if you want to change anything before you commit yourself with that final mousie click.

Therein lies the talent!

Bernard said...

Very true Deb, it does take several goes to get things right. A lot of people don't choose the correct size.
I must admit though, I thought you were going to paste up a video you had taken on your camera. :)
Now, this is something I want to try.
My camera has a movie feature, and I have recorded myself playing a few organ tunes. They play back great on my PC, but I wouldn't know where to start in getting one up on by blog. I know nothing about sizing, editing and file types. :(
I'm relying on you to be the first and then tell us all.:)
I suppose I could try to upload them onto YouTube, and if that works it's easy to get it onto the blog. (He says!) :o

deb said...

He is kinda correct.

I'll be watching for your video!

It might be quite some time before I venture to 'live' action.