Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Winter

It looks a lot like it, too...minus far.
Mill Pond Without Ducks

Mill Pond has iced over and, by the foot prints and shoe slide marks, it looks like daring children temporarily replaced our duck friends.  I wonder if they will be skating there this weekend?  There are a dozen or so ducks left in the mostly unfrozen little pond in the meadow. That little pond is a bulge in the overflow stream from Mill Pond as it flows through the meadow toward the ocean.

Sometimes the harsh cold gray of winter weather can make everything want to lose color.

1 comment:

scribbs, not Ansel Adams, said...

The waterfall is perfect without color! Lovely, lovely image.

The Mill Pond, however, needs color. Duck colors, specifically, thus allowing more shots of them sliding across the ice!

Or shots of them trying to look dignified while not navigating the slippery surface unless equipped with snow feet or chains....