Saturday, December 04, 2010

Here But Mostly Distracted

I'm giving no explanation at the present time.  Some things have happened, family things a long way from here.  But they have come to rest at my feet.  Not really.  They have generated enough serious concern that I feel I must try to make things right.  The way someone would have intended things to be.  I'm hoping for a good solution.  It will never be a happy ending so it would be foolish to hope for that.  Anyway, it is taking a good deal of my time, but be assured that I still stop by and check in on every one of you.

And I'll still write here.  It might be brief stuff or just some pictures.  All depends.


dickiebo said...

We'll be here, gal!

sympathetic scribbs said...

What Dickiebo said.

Annette said...

yes, we'll be here.