Friday, December 17, 2010

Well, I Don't See Your Name On It!

Everyone should be given the gift of something that's nearly everlasting.  I found my gift yesterday.  It's real name is Squam Rock, but someone, sometime, decided that I should 'own' it.

Click to enlarge to see my name on it
Yep, folks, my name is on it.


rocks-in-head scribbs said...

I hope there'll be no trouble when Mr Sqam wants it back!

Them Sqams is mean, you know. If, that is, he's one of the Massachusetts Sqams and not from the laid-back Florida Sqams....

deb said...

Yeah, well I don't see HIS name on it!

Mr. Annis Quam

Anonymous said...

Yea, c'mon now. Mandy did it, didn't she? lol.
Blimey, fancy having your very own statue. Just like Churchill, et al!

deb said...

Well, 'A' hasn't been there...I'm taking her today.

Statue? Since it's a leftover from the Ice Age...yep, feeling the truth in it.